About Us

El33tonline.com is a videogame news, reviews, competitions and community website based in the sunny South African city of Durban.

Founded in 2006 and going from strength to strength ever since, El33tonline is run by a tight team of experienced writers and contributors passionate about the world of games in all forms and manifestations – yes, even sports and board games!

Would you care to meet the team that keeps El33tonline fresh and up-to-date? Of course you would:

Lisa Trollip: Editor-in-ChiefMeetTheTeam_Lisa

– Twitter: LeelooZA

– Xbox LIVE GamerTag: LeelooZA

– PlayStation Network ID: LeelooZA

Oliver Snyders: Deputy EditorMeetTheTeam_Oliver2

– Twitter: OliverKO

– Xbox LIVE GamerTag: El33tOliver

– PlayStation Network ID: Ofiler

– Steam ID: El33tOliver

– Origin ID: Ofiler

Tom Morrison: Staff WriterMeetTheTeam_Tom

– Twitter: tom_el33tonline

– Xbox LIVE GamerTag: tom110584

– PlayStation Network ID: tom110584

Peter Wiles: ReviewerMeetTheTeam_Pete

– Twitter: pwiles

– Xbox LIVE GamerTag: wiley1za

– PlayStation Network ID: wiley1za

– Steam ID: wiley1za

Wayne Trollip: ReviewerMeetTheTeam_Wayne2

– Twitter: NumphieZA

– Xbox LIVE GamerTag: Numphie

– PlayStation Network ID: Numphie

Bryan Johnston: ReviewerMeetTheTeam_Bryan

– Twitter: Brattex

– Xbox LIVE GamerTag: Brattex

– PlayStation Network ID: Brattex

– Steam ID: Brattex

Russell Marston: ReviewerMeetTheTeam_Russell

– Twitter: RDMZN

– Xbox LIVE GamerTag: RDMZN

– PlayStation Network ID: RDMZN

Matthew Walsh: Tech ReviewerMeetTheTeam_Matthew

– Twitter: MatthewPWalsh

– Xbox LIVE GamerTag: RandomWalsh

Pieter de Bruyn: Contributor / Community Leader MeetTheTeam_Pieter

– Twitter: thepoizone

– Xbox LIVE GamerTag: POItjie

– PlayStation Network ID: POItjie

– Steam ID: Poitjie