E3 2013 – Sights and Sounds: The Konami booth tour

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Konami’s presence at E3 2013 may not have been as overwhelming as other publishers at the show, but what was brought to the floor this year represented the company’s best foot forward across a few different genres and the return of its flagship franchises with Metal Gear Solid 5 viewable behind closed doors, PES 2014 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 all accounted for.


- Konami’s location in the South Hall of the LA Convention Center

As you’ll see in the photos and video below, there were a few other smaller Konami titles on display, too, all falling under the watchful eye of a giant screen blasting Metal Gear Solid and PES 2014 trailers for 3 days straight:

El33tonline at E3 2013: Konami Booth Photos

El33tonline at E3 2013: The Konami booth tour

- Yes, I said E3 2012 again. I have forgiven myself

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