Deus Ex: The Fall announced as an iOS first-person RPG

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Don’t judge a book by its cover, as they say, which means you certainly shouldn’t judge the announcement of Deus Ex: The Fall just because the game has been revealed to be a first-person action RPG available on iPad and iPhone.


Set in the year 2027 (which is when Deus Ex: Human Revolution also takes place), Deus Ex: The Fall is an all-new entry to the series with a new story, too. In The Fall, you’ll play as former British SAS Mercenary Ben Saxon who has gone through the human augmentation process, much like Adam Jensen from Human Revolution, except Saxon is “desperate for the truth behind the drug conspiracy.”

Which drug conspiracy? We’ll find out when we play through the story:

“Betrayed by his private military employers, the Tyrants, ” writes Square Enix, “not only is his own life at risk, but for all augmented humans, time is running out…”

According to the developers, The Fall is a sequel to the Deus Ex book, The Icarus Effect.


Watch the announcement trailer below to see Deus Ex: The Fall in action, and hear the executive game director and producer speak more about the creation of this iOS exclusive title:

Deus Ex: The Fall – Announcement



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