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Karl Fairburne is at it again. Our friendly one man army is once again proving to be a thorn in the German war effort in World War 2, but this time he’s making a nuisance of himself in North Africa in an attempt to shut down the Nazi’s plans to create a super tank called ‘the Ratte.’


What You Need to Know

At it’s core, Sniper Elite 3 is a third-person shooter that challenges you to peek through the scope of your trusty sniper rifle and shoot down Nazi enemies, with slow motion takedowns and visceral X-Ray killcams your reward.

There are four difficulty levels in Sniper Elite 3, but I didn’t even bother with the ‘Cadet’ or ‘Marksman’ difficulties and started immediately on ‘Sniper Elite.’ This basically means that your shots are a bit more difficult, the enemy is a little more alert and persistent than usual, and it also means that you have to plan, strategise, and more often than not throw all of your planning out the window and make quick decisions on your feet.

There is an ‘Authentic’ difficulty level, too, but this requires a great deal of dedication – no save games, no maps or health information, no helpful little red dot in your scope and a great deal of frustration. This is for the masochist in all of us. I’m determined to do it.


What’s New?

The gameplay is slightly different from Sniper Elite V2 especially when it comes to your stealth. There is the opportunity to ‘Relocate’ (fire, then move, repeat) or to ‘Ghost.’ Ghost is better as it means that you have relocated before the enemy has spotted you.

What’s the Same?

Sniper Elite 3 is still, in essence, identical to the previous version which unfortunately means that some of the previous annoyances are still there. The game is still highly addictive though and I enjoyed the victories (both minor and major) that develop a great feel of satisfaction.

You also still have three different techniques to solve the levels. You can be totally stealthy and minimize killing (although you don’t get much experience), you can try tank the game with your grenades and automatic machine gun, or you can use a mixture of these. I always started out trying to be stealthy, but because one level can easily take an hour to complete I often lost patience and chose the second option, especially if I had already whittled down the opposition.

You’ll Enjoy Sniper Elite 3 If You Liked…

– Sniper Ghost Warrior

– Previous Sniper Elite titles

– If you enjoy sniping in other games (i.e. you have patience, accuracy and a ruthless streak), then the likes of Counter Strike and Battlefield will appeal to you, too


What I Liked

5.) I really liked the sense of achievement I got – completing missions means a lot more in this game than most others I have played, while playing on Authentic mode is absolutely frustrating but a fantastic challenge.

4.) Sniping vehicles is great fun. Making a tank explode from 200 metres away appeals to the savage in me.

3.) The ‘X-Ray’ cam is great, but it’s when you pull the trigger and the slow motion animation actually starts that I feel a surge of excitement. In fact, I would often skip the actual gory explosion of bone, brain and other body bits.

2.) I like sniping, and the skill and patience you must exhibit to be a successful sniper.

1.) The sneakiness of the game really appeals to me. Trying to solve a mission without anyone noticing is a great achievement.

Favourite Moment

Sniping enemy snipers before they see me gives me a vicious sense of power. Enemy snipers are very dangerous and account for most of my deaths in the game so I think this is perfectly justified.


What I Didn’t Like

4.) Not being able to change shoulders (i.e. aim over the left or right shoulder) is still something that I think should be included. The rifle is always placed on the right shoulder and this often exposes too much of your body in close fights. This could, however, be perfectly justified and I don’t know if this is true to life so it could be that the game is just being true to its subject.

3.) Many people complain about the lack of a storyline, but in all honesty this is a visceral game that appealed to my baser nature. It is violent and savage and whilst you have an ultimate goal, Karl isn’t very interested in sharing too much about himself.

2.) The AI is sometimes a bit lacking, but in the ‘Sniper Elite’ difficulty mode I found that the enemies were very effective. I didn’t like the fact that they would often step over the bodies of their friends when their suspicion level was down.

1.) The biggest issue with Sniper Elite 3 for me is item collection. You have to collect playing cards, war diaries and bits and pieces of equipment to improve your weapon. These all contribute to your Achievement / Trophy score and overall experience in the game, but I think it’s a waste of time.

Least Favourite Moment

I found a glitch that annoyed me a bit. On the last mission I was able to step through a solid closed door, which is not nearly enough to detract from the game but I felt that I was cheating when I escaped an enemy using the glitch.

Sniper Elite 3 Review – Launch Trailer

The Bottom Line

Slow and steady wins the race. Spend some quiet quality time together with Karl as you precisely nip the Nazi’s plans in the bud.

This Sniper Elite 3 review was conducted on Xbox 360

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