Bound By Flame

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The lands of Vertiel are in danger. Legions of undead warriors led by the Ice Lords are seeking to – you guessed it – take over the world. As a member of the Pure-Blades you have been tasked to defend the Red Scholars, who are Vertiel’s last hope at defeating the Ice Lords once and for all.

What You Need to Know

Bound by Flame allows you to choose whether to be good or bad, but for review purposes I chose to be bad, of course. Early in the campaign to defeat the Ice Lords, Vulcan (our chief protagonist) is possessed by a very wordy fire demon, and during the course of the game you are given the option to try and fight the demon (be good) or to let the power of the demon consume you (be bad). Your decisions will influence the outcome.


What’s New?

Bound by Flame is beset with problems and issues but it’s still a whole heap of fun, delivering an RPG with all the elements you would expect from bigger games (Skyrim I’m talking to you) but with a quicker pace and a shorter plot. This is the RPG for those who get bored quickly and don’t want to be overwhelmed by excessive story and character development ‘fluff.’

The combat system allows for three kinds of attacks: Slow, fast and magic. They have fancy names, but that is what it boils down to. You are able to progress the skill trees pertinent to each attack mode and your style of play will progress accordingly. I learned to change my style depending to the enemy I was facing, which eventually became second nature.

What’s the Same?

Bound by Flame doesn’t deviate much from the RPG formula: A hero, insurmountable odds, a fairly intricate storyline, and of course the means to rise to the top and conquer the game.

You’ll Enjoy Bound By Flame If You Liked…

– Spiders’ previous games, such as Of Orcs and Men.

– Other large RPGs such as Diablo 3, Skyrim and Dragon’s Dogma.


What I Liked

4.) The monsters are great fun to fight. They are huge, strong and there are zombies. How can you not love zombies?

3.) The whole game appears to be quite tongue-in-cheek, and whilst perhaps inappropriate, I enjoyed the humour.

2.) I liked the fact that this RPG doesn’t bog you down with too much information. It’s nice to play an RPG that is smaller in scale than others in the genre.

1.) The ability to choose whether to be good or bad is great and improves the replayability of the game so I can make different decisions a second time through.

Favourite Moment

I actually have two favourite moments: The first is finally mastering the combat mechanics, and second was chopping down my first huge monster, which was very satisfying.


What I Didn’t Like

4.) At the beginning of the game you are asked to select a name. This name is subsequently and immediately ignored by all the NPCs, which I feel detracted from the game.

3.) The gratuitous swearing was somewhat unnecessary. I don’t mind a bit of swearing, but just not all the time.

2.) The graphics sometimes appear a bit blocky and glitchy, which I felt could have been a bit smoother.

1.) The aiming and selecting of opponents was quite clumsy and often I would just forgo this aspect, to my detriment.

Least Favourite Moment

The NPCs not using my name annoyed me.

Bound By Flame Review – Launch Trailer

The Bottom Line

Strap on your inner demon, light a fire in your soul and prepare to confront the undead hoards in defence of your homeland.

This Bound By Flame review was conducted on Xbox 360

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