Soul Sacrifice Delta

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Soul Sacrifice Delta is an expanded version of the original game featuring new quests, characters and gameplay mechanics along with a host of other improvements and changes.

What You Need to Know

The game is a third-person action RPG that supports local and online co-op for up to four players. However, Soul Sacrifice Delta also features an expansive story mode that you’re forced to play through either alone or alongside the character who’s at the heart of whichever chapter you’re currently reading in the mysterious talking book Librom.

The concept behind the game, as its name suggests, is sacrifice. This theme runs deep throughout Soul Sacrifice Delta’s tale of cursed sorcerers driven to extremes by negative emotions such as greed, pride and jealousy. The concept of sacrifice is also central to gameplay as your abilities in battle arise from sacrificing various offerings that have a limited number of uses. When your health is low you can also invoke a Black Rite that summons powerful magic but impedes some aspect of your character’s bodily functions such as their sight.


What’s New?

The main new element in Soul Sacrifice Delta is a neutral sorcerer faction called Grim based on fairytales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Snow White. Whereas in the original game you could only choose to save or sacrifice defeated enemies, the introduction of this faction allows you a third choice, ‘Fate’, that yields different rewards depending on which faction you belong to.

New story chapters can be found under both the Grim and Sanctuarium sections of the ‘Sorcerous Deeds’ menu that introduce a number of intriguing characters into the Soul Sacrifice universe. The quests associated with these chapters feature new battle arenas and yield dozens of new offerings once completed.

Another major new feature in Soul Sacrifice Delta is the ability to combine offerings during battle to yield special results. For example, you can add frost magic to your attacks by using the Snowtuft offering and then following it up with a charged Axe Edge strike. If you’re interested to learn which offerings can be used in conjunction then you’ll find all this information under the Ars Magica heading of the game’s impressively detailed Lore section.


What’s the Same?

If you played the original game then Soul Sacrifice Delta serves up a near identical experience. There may be new quests and arenas as well as a few tweaks here and there but the core experience feels very similar. You can take this to be a good or bad thing depending on how much you enjoyed the original.

Soul Sacrifice Delta’s presentation during story chapters hasn’t really evolved since the first game. Each sorcerer’s tale is told via a solemn-voiced narrator with a few instances of character dialogue thrown in for good measure. This section of the game mainly consists of words appearing on Librom’s pages with illustrations occasionally cropping up to set the scene. This technique felt tedious in the first game and unfortunately it hasn’t been enhanced for Soul Sacrifice Delta. This is a great pity as the stories themselves are very in-depth and well told.

You’ll Enjoy Soul Sacrifice Delta If You Liked…

… Puppeteer. Soul Sacrifice Delta was developed in collaboration with Puppeteer’s creator Japan Studio. If you enjoyed the latter game’s well-realised boss characters and exceptional story then you’ll no doubt warm to Soul Sacrifice Delta’s numerous Archfiends and well-constructed narrative.

… Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The Soul Sacrifice series is clearly a direct result of the Monster Hunter craze during the PSP era and you’ll find that Soul Sacrifice Delta shares a similar level of depth and excitement during multiplayer sessions as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate does.


What I Liked

– 5.) The game’s frame rate feels more consistent this time around and even during frenetic multiplayer matches with four players it still holds up well.

– 4.) I really enjoyed checking out the Lore entries for the Archfiends that interested me because many of their tales are intriguing enough to work well as a short story.

– 3.) So far I’ve found the Soul Sacrifice Delta multiplayer community to be extremely helpful and accommodating. For example, I’ve played alongside many high level Japanese players who were more than happy to help me with quests that were designed for lower level sorcerers.

– 2.) You can now contribute to your chosen faction’s overall standing (or Faction Power Balance) by registering Slayer Points that you earn through completing quests. Each faction also has its own leaderboard and you can earn various rewards as you climb up the rankings and contribute Slayer Points to your faction.

– 1.) There are hundreds of different offerings to choose from ranging from spear-based attacks to spells that conjure trees bearing replenishing fruits. Part of the fun of Soul Sacrifice Delta is experimenting with this massive assortment of offerings and discovering which of them complement your battle technique.

Favourite Moment

I enjoyed seeing how the game’s design team took classic fairytales (starting with Little Red Riding Hood) and twisted their central characters and storylines to better suit the dark fantasy theme of the Soul Sacrifice universe.


What I Didn’t Like

– 3.) The game’s presentation during story chapters felt very tedious and repetitive to me. From the narration to the music – there just wasn’t enough new stimuli to keep me interested.

– 2.) It’s a pity that all the new content featured in Soul Sacrifice Delta isn’t available as a DLC expansion pack for the original game. Your copy of Soul Sacrifice essentially becomes useless when you buy Soul Sacrifice Delta since it includes the former game in full.

– 1.) The new story chapters featured in Soul Sacrifice Delta start off easy but ramp up in difficulty very fast. This means you first have to complete a whole lot of additional quests in order to level up your character to an appropriate strength before attempting the majority of the new story chapters.

Least Favourite Moment

I had reached a fairly high character level in the original Soul Sacrifice so was annoyed to learn that my level was reset to 1 when I transferred my save file between the two games. Soul Sacrifice Delta does reward you with experience-boosting Rumour Notes based on your character level in the original game but it will still take you many additional hours to reach your original level.

Soul Sacrifice Delta Review – Launch Trailer

What’s Extra?

As was the case with the original game, Soul Sacrifice Delta is regularly being updated with new quests and Archfiends. Furthermore, if you fancy a challenge or just want to level grind you can attempt to reach a higher floor in Alice’s Eternal Maze or trade offerings for a handful of random quests based on one of three difficulty levels. If you manage to clear all of these ‘Created Pacts’ you’ll be rewarded with a Victory Bonus that often takes the form of a new accessory to equip your character with.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to co-op focused combat Soul Sacrifice Delta is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and in-depth action RPGs available on PS Vita. The new stories and characters featured in this expanded version of the original Soul Sacrifice are impeccably crafted but the way that the game presents these elements could do with an overhaul.

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