The Impossible Game

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This has to be the most impossible review for one of the most impossible games. How does one write about a game that is this impossible?

Well, it seems I did the impossible and found a way to explain this game about a small orange block jumping over obstacles, set to some epic techo music. Let the music play and let us jump into this impossible review!

What You Need to Know

The Impossible Game is a minimalist platformer where the whole game is about jumping over a series of spikes, pits and blocks. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Like the game implies, however, it is possibly the most difficult game ever made. There are some epic techno beats that ably boost the adrenaline as the levels are designed to complement the music.


What’s New?

What sets this version apart from the mobile and console counterparts is that it includes all five levels. It is the most complete version of the game and some levels are unique to the Steam version. There is even one level that turns upside down, really making the game even more challenging.

The inclusion of a level editor allows you to create your own levels using your own music, too, and you can share your levels with friends and challenge them to defeat your creations.

What’s the Same?

The Impossible Game uses the same basic control function as the other version and the entire game is played using one button – all you have to do is time your jumps and try not to get killed.

The game also includes a practice mode where you can place flags down which functions as checkpoints. When using practice mode, the tempo of the game changes as it uses more relax music, so you can just focus on the jumps.

You’ll Enjoy The Impossible Game If You Liked…

… basic platformers

… very challenging games


What I Liked

3.) The simple use of controls and the key focus on the gameplay is great. This proves that you don’t need amazing visuals to have an enjoyable game.

2.) The fact that this game is so difficult, but I just couldn’t stop playing. It really tested my patience and skills at the same time. The game really does live up to the name – it’s really difficult, but it’s very rewarding once I finally defeated it.

1.) The music. I am a huge metal head and listen to more hardcore music, but the music they use in the game is a hidden passion of mine – The music really made my heart race as the levels went on. Even though you will hear the same song over and over, it never gets old.

Most Proud Moment

The game is really challenging and it took me around 395 attempts in practice mode to finally finish the first level. That moment when I got to the ending and the fireworks went off and the screen is faded… I got a real feeling of achievement.


What I Didn’t Like

2.) The game has some great music, but I really find the practice mode music very depressing and it never changes. If only it had more than one practice sound track.

1.) There are some odd bugs in the game that makes it very challenging when you run into them. Sometimes I had to jump and then slide to get over an obstacle, but the game registered an extra button press and I died.

Least Proud Moment

The saddest moment I had was when I was going through a level in normal mode. I got to about 90% through the level and I jumped instead of slid, and died, which meant starting at the beginning again. I failed myself.

The Impossible Game Review – PC Trailer

What’s Extra?

There is nothing extra added to the game apart from Steam achievements and the level editor, but the game is highly addictive and it will get you coming back for more.

The Bottom Line

The Impossible Game is super difficult, and might be the most challenging game you will ever play – yes, it might even be more difficult than Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 combined! You will be so hooked on it, however, that you will just come back for more punishment… I mean enjoyment. I highly recommend it.

This The Impossible Game review was conducted on PC