Blazin’ Aces

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I have been following the South African game development scene very closely over the last couple of years. We have some amazing game developers and Red Dot Labs is one of them, having just released an addictive game on mobile, Blazin’s Aces.

What You Need to Know

Blazin’s Aces is a 2D retro-style aerial dogfighting game. You take control of an ace pilot in the golden age of aviation and your main mission is to destroy the invading forces to save the day. It features some arcade gameplay with some stunning visuals.


What’s New?

What really sets this game apart from all other flying games is that you play from a 2D perspective. By using a 2D, it really generates a whole new level of challenges, which is a good thing. In fact it even adds some extra depth to the game because you need to think a little bit deeper to win the battle.

What’s the Same?

Like other mobiles titles, this is a great game to pick up and play if you want to kill some time or want something deeper, helped with some quick loading to jump in and out. It features some basic touch controls that are easy to learn but really difficult to master.

You’ll Enjoy Blazin’ Aces If You Liked…

… Crimson Skies or other aviator games

… Luftrausers

… 2D platformers on mobile


What I Liked

3.) The use of the comic book style of storytelling is really well done with some great visuals. It really adds to the depth of the game and makes you really feel a part of the story.

2.) Mobile games sometimes have very static touch controls and the user doesn’t always get to change these settings, so what I really liked is that you get to change the size of your buttons. So it makes it easier to play the game on any screen size.

1.) The gameplay really blew me away. The controls are very easy to learn but I am still learning some new skills the more I play it. The use of the 2D perspective is one of the coolest features in a flying game.

Funniest Moment

I was busy playing a one-versus-two level and I was a few kills away from winning. Then I had to pause the game to help my wife out with something. On returning, instead of pressing resume, I pressed the Forfeit button. It took me a full few seconds to comprehend what I just did and just started laughing.


What I Didn’t Like

1.) There are some small bugs in the game, some more annoying than others, such as the controls sometimes not registering all the time which caused me to crash. The other small bug is that the ‘restart level’ doesn’t always work and gets stuck on the countdown screen.

Saddest Moment

The saddest moment was when I was looking at the wrong score and was thinking that I was busy winning the game, and when the round was over I actually lost. It was a very sad and silly moment.

Blazin’ Aces Review – Gameplay Trailer

What’s Extra?

Blazin’ Aces also has a Skirmish mode where you can just set up a random battle and test your skills. This really adds to the replay ability of the game. The game also features some random power-up drops to use against your enemies.

The Bottom Line

This is a really good example of the great talent we have in South Africa in the game development scene. Blazin’s Aces is really innovative and fun, and it’s one the best mobile games I have played in a while – I really recommend it to everyone to check out.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to take to the skies.

This Blazin’ Aces review was conducted on an Android device