Trials Fusion

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What is frustration? What causes it? Well, frustration is an emotional response related to disappointment and anger, and usually happens when you continue to fail at a given task.

If you want to play Trials Fusion you’ll need to get used to frustration because it’s a game that will test your levels of patience, but then again, Fusion is so much fun that it would be silly if you didn’t play it.

What You Need to Know

Trials Fusion is the latest a series of physics-based platform racers, based on the real sport. You control the rider on a motorcycle and have to navigate over a number of obstacles, but it’s the physics factor that makes for a very challenging task, but also a very rewarding one.


What’s New?

There are some major additions to Trials Fusion over previous Trials games, the most important of which is that you can now perform freestyle tricks. In previous games you could only do front and back flips but in Fusion all of the cool tricks are here, from the Superman to the Dead Body.

The game also features a more futuristic setting while another big addition is that you now have a chance to ride a quad bike which adds a whole new level of challenge. Each level also includes three unique challenges for additional experience points to unlock more gear for your rider and bikes.

What’s the Same?

Trials Fusion still has the same gameplay features as the older games with some minor improvements to the controls and physics. It also includes a track editor again and friends leaderboards with local multiplayer making a return for some great fun and very funny moments.

You’ll Enjoy Trials Fusion If You Liked…

… previous Trials games.

… physics-based racers and puzzle games.

… frustration (just kidding).


What I Liked

4.) Trials Fusion features some epic level designs and certain tracks may just make you scream out “That was awesome!” when you get through them successfully.

3.) I really like the available customisation options for your rider and the bikes themselves. The more you level up the more choice you have and giving your rider a unique look is great.

2.) The level of detail Redlynx has added to the visuals is just mind-blowing. Previous Trials games have looked good, but don’t come close to what Fusion achieves.

1.) Having the ability to do ‘Freestyle Motocross’ (FMX) stunts is one of the best features in the game. I have always said that the series needed a stunts ability and it works so well with the huge tracks and some sick jumps. Everyone likes to show off from time to time, and I’m no different!

Favourite Moment

When I first unlocked the FMX tricks and the quad bike, I was overjoyed and naturally had to use both at the same time. Doing a Superman during a double backflip and landing it with a quad bike is awesome.


What I Didn’t Like

3.) Trials Fusion has some skill games for you to test yourself with and while some might sound very challenging, when I played them they were rather easy.

2.) While performing tricks on a normal track, Redlynx doesn’t always display if you successfully pulled off the trick or not which makes getting the challenges more difficult as you don’t know if you’re succeeding or not.

1.) There are many instances in the game where the rider’s physics go wild, and sometimes he is all over the show when I was trying to perform an FMX trick forcing me to cancel the trick. Sometimes it causes the bike to perform differently to how you intended.

Least Favourite Moment

There was a very tricky part where I had to do three bunny hops over a couple of platforms, but the physics kept making me fail the challenge because the character physics caused the bike to react wildly. I managed to finally pass the level without any faults.

Trials Fusion Review – Launch Trailer

What’s Extra?

There is a slight learning curve with the track editor, but sadly it excludes the ability to create supercross tracks like in Trials Evolution. There are Uplay rewards that add some extra rider customisation options, though, like a massive squirrel head.

The Bottom Line

Trials Fusion is awesome, visually stunning, amazing fun and frustrating all at the same time, and even if you have to redo a track over and over there’s never a dull moment – it’s all about perfecting your skill. I highly recommend Trials Fusion.

This Trials Fusion review was conducted on PC

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