Mad Catz STRIKE 5 Gaming Keyboard

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Every PC gamer’s performance is dependent on their hardware, but it’s not only the specs that matter. It also comes down to peripherals like the keyboard and mouse, but it’s often the keyboard that is mostly overlooked. Fortunately Mad Catz changed that when the STRIKE 5 gaming keyboard was unleashed.

What You Need to Know

The Mad Catz STRIKE 5 gaming keyboard is ideal for hardcore gaming setups and it doesn’t matter what type of games you play, from first-person shooters to real-time strategy or any other genre. The keyboard is fully customisable with physical layout, backlighting and programmable keys all able to be altered to meet your requirements.


What’s Unique?

The keyboard is fully modular for customisation of the various components, using the same modifiable technology as the Mad Catz RAT gaming mouse. You can use the STRIKE 5 as a full size keyboard, or if space is limited, you can convert it into a very compact layout. You can also customize the keyboard’s visual style by changing the backlight colour with a push of a button, but it doesn’t stop there. With the added software, you can even choose any backlight colour you would like to have.

The software also adds some programming ability allowing you to set up different profiles for specific game – the STRIKE 5 keyboard really lets you control how you want to play.


The STRIKE 5 keyboard comes in five separate hardware modules, namely:

– Control module with E.Y.E. OLED display
– Keyboard Module
– Programmable Macro Buttons
– Modular NumPad
– Three-part active Palm Rest

When opening the box there is some construction required and I opted for the full keyboard layout as I needed more from the keyboard than just to play games. Construction was very straight forward and easy. For me, a strong solid keyboard makes for a great keyboard and the STRIKE 5 is really well made and looks great – I love it when you can’t hear the click-clack of typing and this keyboard is so silent that I had to double check I had actually typed something.


What I Liked

4.) The customisation options you get with the software and the use of game profiles for all of the different button layouts, including the option to change the backlight colour to whatever you want.

3.) I love how silent and soft to the touch the keys are. It’s like typing in the air.

2.) The ability to connect your headphones onto the keyboard instead of into the back of your PC is great, with a connection for both audio and microphone.

1.) I really liked the fact that I can launch games from the control panel on the keyboard. You can select up to nine different games or apps to launch. It is great when you just want to sit down, launch the game and enjoy.


What I Didn’t Like

2.) I found the wrist pad to be somewhat uncomfortable. I would have preferred a solid wrist pad when using the full keyboard layout. Maybe if the gap was smaller between the two pieces it would have been better.

1.) The way the parts connect to each other could have been better and I found it a bit messy. All of the components connect to each other via a micro USB cable so there were around four additional cables at the back of the keyboard. I would have preferred a five-pin connector for each part as used on the active palm rest.

Mad Catz STRIKE 5 Gaming Keyboard Review – Trailer

The Bottom Line

The Mad Catz STRIKE 5 gaming keyboard performs really well and is very responsive. It’s an ideal keyboard for gaming on the cutting edge of technology with its modular system, but considering the R3400 price tag there are probably other keyboard options to consider. You won’t get all of the features of the STRIKE 5 at a lower price point, though, so it all comes down to what you need and would prefer.