2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

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Note: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is built on the base of FIFA 14 – be sure to read Russell’s FIFA 14 review for further explanations of that game’s features and gameplay.

Every four years the world holds its breath for one of the biggest sporting spectacles available to a sports mad public. The FIFA World Cup offers a feast for all sports lovers but especially fans of ‘the beautiful game.’ EA joins the party by allowing sports mad gamers a close up and personal view into the event and even gives us as South Africans the chance to hoist the famous trophy.

What You Need to Know

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is the latest in the FIFA World Cup series of football/soccer videogames from EA and EA Sports, and while it’s a very good offering it’s far from a must-have.


What’s New?

There are some new features offered by 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil but I didn’t find them as obvious as EA Sports made them out to be. I couldn’t get the ‘over the back’ header technique to work, for example, and I found the dribbling and control of the game almost identical to the game’s parent, FIFA 14.

Some new game modes have been introduced to coincide with the event and I found these quite enjoyable. Obviously these game modes (2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil and Road to the FIFA World Cup) are specific to the event being held this year so the teams and players are pretty set in stone. The fact that you can take you favourite team that hasn’t qualified (*cough*South Africa*cough*) and get them all the way to the finals is a great deal of fun.

The soundtrack is also fantastic and definitely engenders the feel of the tournament. The samba beats and general South American feel of the game is excellent, and of course you get to explore the geography of the host country and all of the stadiums that the tournament will be played in.

I can’t wait for the ‘Story of the Finals.’ This game mode will only be available when the tournament is underway and I know I’m going to enjoy immersing myself in the tournament using my console as a vehicle. Currently, this mode is represented by a countdown to the event which is also building excitement in me quite unexpectedly.


What’s the Same?

EA has brought back one of the more popular game modes in ‘Captain you Country.’ In this mode the player creates a player (or uses a current one) and strives to become their country’s captain. This isn’t as easy as it sounds but it is a definite challenge and one well worth playing.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is, for all intents and purposes, identical to the gameplay on offer in FIFA 2014 and this includes the control and complexity available. Once again, EA provides a challenging and excellent gaming experience with some frustrations that are always overshadowed by you next fantastic goal or bone-crunching tackle.

The online component remains constant and is similar to other games in the series. Once again, the challenge and competitiveness of this mode is fantastic and many fans will buy this game simply to take part in the excellence of the online modes.

In addition, the ‘Skill Games,’ tutorials and practice modes are all still available and really help in the development of your gameplay.

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What I Liked

3.) I really like the choice and variety on offer. There are so many modes and ways to play the game that I really felt spoilt for choice.

2.) The competitiveness of the game really appeals to me. Changing the difficulty level really does increase the challenge, and although I feel that the chasm between the difficulties is a bit too wide, I am now managing to hold my own on Professional mode – I can’t believe there are two levels more difficult than this though!

1.) The South American flavour of the game. The developers definitely bring the spirit and the feel of Brazil to the experience.

Favourite Moment

Every time I crack in a truly memorable goal.


What I Didn’t Like

4.) I would have liked the opportunity to play as the entire team in Captain Your Country mode.

3.) The full retail price of the game is going to put a lot of gamers off buying this title. I would recommend the game but if there is a choice between 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil and FIFA 14, I would recommend FIFA 14 for a more complete footballing experience.

2.) Some camera modes are very clumsy and some cause glitches in the graphics. Quite clumsy at times but I just found my preferred camera mode and lived with it.

1.) The AI of the other players on your team is still pretty diabolical. In the Captain your Country game mode you can only play as an individual (and not as the entire team as is my preference) and the choices and skill level of my team-mates leaves a lot to be desired.

Least Favourite Moment

Playing as striker in Captain Your Country mode and never getting the ball because the rest of the team is just rubbish.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Review – Gameplay Trailer

What’s Extra?

The only thing that I’d call ‘extra’ in this game is the Brazilian look and feel and, of course, the focus on the FIFA 2014 World Cup. Aside from the new game modes, everything else is pretty much the same as FIFA 14.

I really enjoyed this game but I feel that the full retail price shouldn’t be charged. Yes, it’s a great addition to the series and a great addition to my gaming library, but there simply isn’t enough in this game to make it a must-have. Many diehard fans may disagree with me, but for the more casual gamer FIFA 14 more than provides what is needed.

The Bottom Line

It’s time to lace up your boots and head down to South America. Compete in the samba capital of the world to become the globe’s dominant footballing nation!

This 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil review was conducted on Xbox 360

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