Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

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It has been said that the ‘Angel of Death’ can’t be stopped… but legends say that the ‘Nephalem’ is capable of putting an end to all evil on Earth. Will this Nephalem be able to stop Death? If not, then all is doomed.

So stay a while, and listen to what is in store for you in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.

What You Need to Know

After the Nephalem (you, the player) defeated Diablo in Diablo III, Tyrael recovered the Black Soulstone that contained all seven of the Great Evils. Tyrael felt that it would be too dangerous to leave this relic in the hands of mortal or angels, so along with six Horadrim, the Black Soulstone was taken to Sanctuary to be sealed away, never to be found again.

The party, however, is ambushed by Malthael, the former Archangel of Wisdom and a member of the Angiris Council, who disappeared after the destruction of the Worldstone twenty years earlier when it was corrupted by Baal, the Lord of Destruction. Malthael calls himself the ‘Angel of Death’ and takes the Black Soulstone, and it’s up to you, the Nephalem, to save the world again.


What’s New?

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls adds many new features to the core game, including the new Crusader class, as well as a fifth act to the story to take you, the Nephalem, on a quest to stop Malthael. Blizzard has also increased the level cap to 70 with additional skills, runes and passive abilities. The main addition to the expansion, however, is the ‘Adventure’ mode. In Adventure mode, you get to free-roam over the entire world to take on random bounties, discovering ‘Nephalem Rifts’ along the way.

Reaper of Souls also adds The Mystic, a new artisan in the game that you can visit to enhance the properties and appearance of your equipment. I mostly used the Mystic to make my Barbarian weapons look and take on the same properties as my most powerful weapon at that time.

What’s the Same?

With all of the new features, Blizzard has made this the Diablo game that everyone wanted. It still has all the random dungeons to raid, but with the update to the loot system, you’ll be going to every corner and dungeon in the game to find the loot. The basic hack and slash gameplay of the game still stays the same, though.

You’ll Enjoy Diablo III: Reaper of Souls If You Liked…

… previous Diablo games.

… any hack ‘n slash or dungeon crawler games.


What I Liked

- 4.) I really liked that I could choose which difficulty to play on from the start and I wasn’t forced to complete the game a couple of times to get to the higher difficulties. You can also change difficulty on the fly in game.

- 3.) The upgrade to the loot system is so much better than in the original Diablo III. After about an hour of play I found two legendary items.

- 2.) I really prefer the story of Reaper of Souls to the original Diablo III. It’s deeper, darker and more epic than before – it really adds so much depth to the game.

- 1.) The Adventure mode has to be one of the coolest new features added to Diablo III and significantly improves replayability.

Favourite Moment

At a certain point in the game I was fully surrounded by skeleton soldiers. I fired up my warrior’s special skill and managed to kill about 48 enemies in one blow. I was in shock when it happened and had to pause for a few minutes to process what I had just witnessed.


What I Didn’t Like

- 2.) Even though I like the new loot system, I also find it’s stolen something from the game. Getting all of the cool new loot on your adventures is great, but not nearly as rewarding as it was. I didn’t really get that special feeling of achievement when I found legendary items after a while.

- 1.) When I died in the game, I had the choice to respawn back in town or respawn where I had died. I understand why Blizzard would give you the option, but I would have liked it to be more like Diablo 2 where you lost all your stuff and you had to go reclaim it. It would have added an additional challenge to the game.

Least Favourite Moments

There were some evenings when I wanted to play the game and couldn’t connect to the servers due to some European server issues. I also had a few moments where I got kicked out of my game mid-battle… then there was the fact that my PC died on me multiple times when I was playing.

Diablo III Reaper of Souls Review – Launch Trailer

What’s Extra?

A pre-launch patch was released that added some additional events to the game, so in certain dungeons you can find cursed chests and cursed shrines. Clicking on them starts a timed event where you have to defeat a set number of enemy waves and survive. There is always a huge reward of experience and gold, with the added bonus of all the loot in the chests and shrines.

The Bottom Line

Reaper of Souls is one of the best expansions I have played in a long time. Blizzard has managed to make a great game even better in every way, and the story is so epic that I wish they would make a full feature movie with the CG cut-scenes. This is highly recommended.

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