Rayman Legends

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Rayman Legends was released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U in September 2013, and recently on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Following on from Rayman Origins with its fast-paced 2D multiplayer hand-drawn action, Legends is not quite as fresh but still a top-notch option for local multiplayer or singleplayer platforming.

What You Need to Know

This PS4 version is almost identical to the Xbox 360 version Tom reviewed in September last year. I’m going to focus on the differences and provide a quick summary of likes and dislikes.


What’s New?

Load times were non-existent in my downloaded version of Rayman Legends. Words cannot describe how refreshing this is. I recently played Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (read that review here) and while I didn’t mind the load times then I can now see just how much more enjoyable it could have been without them. In Legends you jump into a painting and ‘Bam!’ You’re in the level!

The PS4’s DualShock 4’s touchpad is put to use in the scratch ‘n’ win tickets you earn through the game, which works well and it’s a nice (if superfluous) touch. A few extra outfits for Rayman are also included for this PS4 release.

What’s the Same?

Pretty much everything else is the same as Rayman Legends on the Xbox 360 or PS3).

You’ll Enjoy Rayman Legends If You Liked…

… Rayman Origins. Legends continues from Origins with enhanced visuals and more variety in gameplay.

… Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – DK is much more difficult and its puzzle pieces are arguably more difficult to find than Rayman’s Teensies, but the series are quite similar at heart. Which you enjoy more probably depends on preference.


What I Liked

5.) The striking cel-shaded UbiArt-powered graphics and animations continue to be unique among games and almost worth the purchase price in themselves.

4.) Replaying old Origins levels with the upgraded engine of Legends put a smile on my face. It also showed just how much better it is to play levels that don’t have a bunch of segments linked together by doors (like they were in Origins).

3.) Having all abilities available from the start meant jumping straight into the action instead of a slow ramp-up.

2.) Music levels, where your jumps and actions are timed to a music track played in the background – timing your jumps and slides to the riffs feels so right (although it’s missing something without another player timing the gongs to the beat too).

1.) Load times are ridiculously short, to the point of being non-existent.

Favourite Moment

The speed levels are still my favourite part of these new Rayman games, despite the amount of restarts and cursing they involve!


What I Didn’t Like

3.) Rayman still suffers from being a little one-dimensional – there is a very specific way to complete a level without any room for exploration.

2.) The music levels are unsatisfying in singleplayer compared to my experience playing with a partner in the Wii U demo. See what I liked above, though: The music levels are still a great addition.

1.) The Murphy mechanics are annoying, frankly. With a second player and the Wii U’s touchpad they would be great (as they were in the demo on the Wii U), but as it is they feel like they were designed with another system in mind and not adjusted enough for this one. They work, but can be frustrating because of the lack of precision in controlling things. They also remind me that the best platform for playing this game is still the Wii U – it doesn’t benefit very much from the extra power of the PS4.

Least Favourite Moment

I didn’t like the overarching collection mechanic. As you collect Teensies you unlock levels, characters, enemies in a gallery and so on. This doesn’t have the punch and intrinsic reward of the overworld segments in games like the recent Donkey Kong Country or Super Mario games.

Rayman Legends Launch Trailer

What’s Extra?

The same challenge modes that were available before are available in the PS4 version – daily challenges and weekly challenges as well as extreme versions of each.

As you play levels in Legends you also unlock improved versions of Rayman Origins levels, which means the game packs a reasonable amount of content.

The Bottom Line

Here comes the new Legends, same as the old Legends, but with shorter loading times.

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