Far Cry Classic

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It is time to return to paradise in a legendary game that kickstarted a very popular series! For the first time on console, Far Cry Classic allows you to experience all the action from the original Far Cry on PC, so let’s take a look how this high definition remake compares after all these years.

Far Cry Classic - Screenshots zur Download-Neuauflage

What You Need to Know

You play as Jack Carver, a ship captain that has been trapped on a remote island, currently being chased by highly trained mercenaries. You have the choice of using firepower, strategy or stealth to your advantage in massive open environments. It’s just another beautiful day in paradise… or is it?

What’s New?

The game’s visuals have been tweaked with graphical enhancements like a new user interface, improved foliage and revamped cut-scenes, but apart from the visuals there isn’t anything else that is new, except for the addition of Achievements and Trophies.

What’s the Same?

If you’ve played the original Far Cry on PC, you will be surprised that nothing in the story has changed – well it is an HD port of the original and still incorporates the open-world gameplay we enjoy today.

You’ll Enjoy Far Cry Classic If You Liked…

… previous Far Cry games.

… the freedom of an open-world shooter.

Far Cry Classic - Screenshots zur Download-Neuauflage

What I Liked

- 4.) Getting to replay this game on console was a lot of fun for me.

- 3.) Using a pair of special binoculars allowing me to listen in on enemies chatting.

- 2.) The improved visuals and the stunning water effects were breathtaking. This game still has some of the best ragdoll physics in a game I have seen (well for me anyway).

- 1.) Just to relive some old school gameplay on a modern console was really cool. The need to use medpacks and body armour was really refreshing – you need to use what you have to survive in gun battles.

Favourite Moment

Using the binoculars and listening in on two mercenaries having a chat – the one guy tells the other: “How tough is this guy, really? I’m not afraid of him. Wait… what was that sound? Go and have a look.”

Far Cry Classic - Screenshots zur Download-Neuauflage

What I Didn’t Like

- 3.) Some of the visuals in the game really have become dated and with the mix of old and new graphics the game has a few slowdowns and a bit of texture pop-in.

- 2.) The game doesn’t seem to be as difficult as I remembered. Playing the game on ‘Realistic’ is the equivalent of playing Far Cry 3 on ‘Hard.’ Maybe they tweaked the difficulty system a bit too much.

- 1.) The original game had some of the coolest multiplayer maps I have ever played on. The sad thing is that I couldn’t replay those maps as the multiplayer section has been removed from Far Cry Classic.

Least Favourite Moment

There is this one area where you have to wait for the door to be hacked and opened for you. I remember having to try over and over to get through that section, but was bit disappointed that it wasn’t as challenging anymore.

Far Cry Classic – Launch Trailer

What’s Extra?

Far Cry Classic’s controls system has been reworked to support the console controllers, but doesn’t feel complete or perfect. The game also boosts a statistics page where you can see stats including number of headshots, time spent on a level, shots fired etc. The game is available as a standalone download title or part of the ‘Far Cry: The Wild Expedition’ collection.

The Bottom Line

It is great to have the game that kicked off the Far Cry series on my console with some updated visuals and revamped controls – whether or not you’ve played the original, you should have a good time with Far Cry Classic. It’s not a perfect port, but it’s still fun.

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