Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is an action-packed adventure into the world of the DBZ franchise. Whilst Battle of Z is frenetic and provides great insight into this world, I think the game is more for die-hard fans than anyone looking for something new and exciting. In fact, it might be considered a poor game if you aren’t a fan of the franchise.

Fortunately, I’m a fan.


What You Need to Know

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is basically a four-player co-operative fighter which you and three allies (controlled by other players if you’re online, or AI if offline) fight your way through some difficult missions that trace the history of the franchise. The variety of characters that you get to play is impressive, and as a relative DBZ newbie I thought it was great learning so much more about the franchise than I did before.

What’s New?

Not much is new in Battle of Z apart from the four-player co-op play. This brings a new dimension to the game as you have to work with others to defeat some very difficult opponents. Playing online with human allies is a bit better than playing offline because the AI can be quite frustrating at times.

What’s the Same?

Fans of the DBZ franchise will be happy to know that the visual effects, settings and scope of the game are still excellent. I enjoyed the beauty of the game and the quality of the animation certainly didn’t let me down. The game dynamic isn’t complex enough to pull the action out of the ‘button masher’ rut, though.

You’ll Enjoy Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z If You Liked…

… previous Dragon Ball Z titles.

… the Naruto Shippuden series.

… any other non-technical fighter.

What I Liked

- 5.) The visual effects and settings are great. As a fan of anime I really enjoyed seeing the artstyle in motion.

- 4.) The card system used to promote stats and make your fighters that much better is a great part of the game. I can see this getting a bit boring after a while, though.

- 3.) The variety of playable characters is great fun. Additionally, the diversity of the characters allows for a different playing experience when you choose new characters. Some fights demand specific characters but there is plenty of flexibility, too.

- 2.) The 3D environment allows for ground and aerial attacks which I really enjoyed.

- 1.) Massive battles always make me happy.

Favourite Moment

Pulling off some of the big moves is great fun. Totally unrealistic but awesome in their scope and destructiveness.


What I Didn’t Like

- 4.) I would have preferred a bit more training when it came to the moves and specials.

- 3.) I found the targeting system a bit difficult to use. Often I would miss the target that I was going for and do a powerful move in fresh air.

- 2.) The AI team-mates are a bit useless. They pretty much do their own thing and are quite happy to allow you to be beaten to a pulp.

- 1.) The fighting is a bit simplistic and the number of moves a bit limited to truly compete with other fighting games.

Least Favourite Moment

Watching my ‘friends’ watch me die – help me darn it! Like I said, your team-mates are a bit useless.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – Launch Trailer

What’s Extra?

The online experience is quite fun but be prepared for a bit of frustration because there is no skill levelling, so you can play with an expert or with a total novice. Be patient though – it’s all about having fun.

The Bottom Line

Grab your friends and help Goku, Piccolo, Kid Gohan, Krillin and the rest take on incredible odds and achieve ultimate victory!

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z was reviewed on Xbox 360

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