Snailboy: An Epic Adventure

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The gardens aren’t safe anymore: The Shadow Gang is in town and they have stolen a prized collection of shells from our little hero, Snailboy. They need to be stopped and the shells need to be taken back – it’s our time to slime!

What You Need to Know

Snailboy: An Epic adventure is about a cheeky mollusc who has been ambushed by the Shadow Gang who have taken his shells and hid them all over the garden – it’s up to you to help Snailboy retrieve his precious shells.


What’s New?

Snailboy is different to other games like it in that you don’t just have one set of touch controls to move your character around with. You can make Snailboy jump, slide and stick around the level, too. All you have to do is get to the end goal and try to collect as much (or all) of the slime as you can to achieve that maximum level rating.

What’s the Same?

All the fun you can expect from a mobile game is here – the controls are easy to use and you can play the game anywhere on the go.

You’ll Enjoy Snailboy: An Epic Adventure If You Liked…

… Angry Birds
… Amazing Alex
… Any physics-based puzzle games.


What I Liked

4.) The game takes physics puzzle games to the next level with multiple ways to control your character, which really adds depth to the game as it provides more factors to think about.

3.) The ambient sound in this game is just amazing – I recommend playing with headphones and it will really make you feel like you’re inside the garden.

2.) The game introduces a very unique hero to the world. I doubt you’ll ever see a snail move like Snailboy does.

1.) Snailboy features some of the best visuals you will see on the mobile platform. The fine details added to the background are beautiful.

Favourite Moment

Just mastering the skills of the game to get the maximum score on a level is so rewarding.


What I Didn’t Like

3.) Sometimes I felt as though some levels had been repeated, as though I had played them before.

2.) There are some moments where I wanted Snailboy to jump from one platform to another but ended up jumping short as the jump arc didn’t always react as I thought it should.

1.) I had some controller issues where inputs didn’t respond, or they over responded. I wanted to move Snailboy forward just a bit, for example, and swiped to move forward and he didn’t move at all… but then on the second swipe he moved double.

Least Favourite Moment

I had a moment where I was stuck on a level (which is fine as the game has to challenge you), but everytime I tried to make a certain jump, the ‘landing zone’ didn’t register and my poor little Snailboy fell to his doom.

Snailboy – Launch Trailer

What’s Extra?

As you play a level you collect ‘Slime’ which is used to by outfits for Snailboy to wear – I personally like the Ninja outfit. The game also integrates with Facebook, and you can publish your score after each level. The Facebook integration also helps when you have more than one device with the game on, as it shares your progress between the devices.

The Bottom Line

No only is Snailboy: An Epic Adventure fun, it’s also made by South African development studio, Thoopid, who have pushed the boundaries with quality and showed the world that the country can produce quality games.

Snailboy: An Epic Adventure was reviewed on an Android device

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