Minecraft: PS3 Edition

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So there I was sitting in my three story house with stone security fencing, relaxing and watching the sunset. Out of nowhere and without warning, I saw a green square-ish zombie walking towards my house. This could only mean one thing: I have to relocate my awesome house to somewhere safer… somewhere with a view of the ocean, perhaps.


What You Need to Know

Minecraft: PS3 Edition is the PlayStation 3 version of the popular block-based world-building sandbox game that has taken the world by storm on PC and Xbox 360, and has already sold over a million units since launch on Sony’s console. It’s a game where you can set your imagination free – you mine what you need and craft what you desire. The whole world in Minecraft consists of ‘cubes,’ which makes it look very unique.

The game is made by 4J Studios, which handles the console versions of Minecraft for Mojang, and the PS3 edition plays exactly the same as the Xbox 360 version with the same tools and items. You can play the game on your own, co-operatively up to four players split-screen, or online with up to eight buddies. The game is split into two game modes; Creative and Survival.

You’ll Enjoy Minecraft: PS3 Edition If You Like…

… any Minecraft on any platform.

… being creative and building stuff.


What I Liked

4.) The whole idea of letting my imagination take flight really got the creative juices flowing.

3.) I really like the visual style, it makes it a unique experience.

2.) It’s a perfect pick up and play game, great for those moments where you just want to kill some time and build something.

1.) The total freedom you have in the game is great. You can go exploring, building and do basically anything you want.

Favourite Moment

Those moments when you take a set back after hours and hours of play to see your finished creation in all its glory, like when I finally finished my grand castle of a house with a giant lookout tower and a basement safe room.


What I Didn’t Like

3.) I really didn’t like the background music while playing as it is the same tune over and over. So I mostly listened to my own music to fix this.

2.) I have noticed that Minecraft won’t be for everyone as it can get little bit repetitive at times, doing the same things over and over to shape your creation into what you imagine it to be.

1.) I know this was created to be a sandbox game to make you build and create stuff, but I would have liked some missions and tasks to complete.

Least Favourite Moment

I built this mansion of a place with a safe room and surrounded it with stone fencing and gates, but the fact that a random zombie could appear inside my house with no evidence of entry was really annoying.

Minecraft: PS3 Edition Launch Trailer

What’s Extra?

The game is really done well on the PS3, and the control scheme is perfect and easy to use. Loading my world from the Minecraft servers is really fast and I never had any hassles with it disconnecting. I do like the little random messages they post on the main menu of the game, too.

The Bottom Line

Minecraft: PS3 edition is really a fun game and it’s even better when you have a buddy helping you build cool creations… or when you do what I did and just jump into another person’s world and build random stuff all over the place. I highly recommended you give this game a try.

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