Halo 4: Castle Map Pack

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343 Industries recently released the third downloadable content package for Halo 4, known as the Castle Map Pack, offering three new maps for us to enjoy. For me, more maps in Halo means more time in multiplayer and the more multiplayer, the more fun I will be having. Let me show you my findings with these new maps.


This DLC comes with three new maps named: Outcast, Daybreak and Perdition. These maps are little bit bigger than the ‘Majestic’ maps, but still smaller than the arenas found in ‘Crimons.’ I like the feel of these maps as they are small enough to have some epic close-quarter battles, but with the inclusion of vehicles – this is where it gets tricky. Even though you can use a Warthog or a Ghost, you need to have some skill. The maps aren’t made in a way where you can just drive around and shoot anyone you come across, however, and there are lots of obstacles and cover around the map for you to navigate around (and for other Spartans to use to ambush you).


Daybreak is a perfect map for Capture the Flag or Extraction because the maps are medium in size – enough to run around and get where you want, and big enough to use vehicles. Team-work is important as there are two UNSC research facilities on this map which act as the spawn spots for the two different teams, and all that divides them is one ridge. Like all other maps there is a always different way to get to your objective.

This map is not just designed for CTF as one can have some great Team Slayer matches here, too.  The only tip I can give on this map is to split focus between attacking the enemy but still have a tight defence on your own base.



Outcast is a tricky map as there are so many little tunnels and passageways, which isn’t a bad thing considering you will need to use them if you want to survive.  This map has some more heavy hitting vehicles like the UNSC Mantis and the Covenant Wraith. Once a battle breaks out between these two, you will want to run into those tunnels and passageways I mentioned earlier. The Regicide game mode on this map is different to the others in that you don’t have just one King, but you have one King for each side. Team-work comes into play again, as you need to hunt the enemy King and also protect your King.

The tip for this map is to have a good layout of weapons, like a long range weapon but also a short range weapon for the close-quarter areas. I found sniping on this map a real challenge as there is so much cover for the enemy to use.



Perdition is one of those ‘you love it or hate it’ maps. If you hate campers, then you won’t like this map much, but once you find your way around it will become one of your favourite maps. I managed to get a very cool double kill on Perdition when I stuck a plasma grenade to a warthog and then I jet-packed over it. One mode I found interesting on this map is the ‘Snipers’ mode, which sets all of the Spartans to using only sniper rifles, so you will need to know the best spots to use to survive.

Driving around on this map is a challenge, as there are so many things in the way making you vulnerable to ambushes from high walkways. All I can advise on this map is to stick to the outer ring and try and stay out of the open areas.


I personally think 343 Industries has really outdone itself with the maps in Perdition. They are fast, they are stunning and they are fun, perfect for making epic battles and to get the heart pumping. Many have asked the question if they left the best for last, but for me every DLC pack that has been released for Halo 4 has their own benefits and is awesome in their own way. This DLC is no different and once you know your way around the maps and know all the good battle spots, then you will have a great time.

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The Castle Map Pack for Halo 4 is available right now for 800 MS Points, or if you are a War pass holder you will have it already as it will be free. The map pack is only 490mb and adds nine new Achievements worth 250 Game Points.

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