Battlefield 3 Premium: End Game (Xbox360)

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If you don’t know by now, I am a huge fan of Battlefield 3. The game is beyond amazing and has received lots of support since release, not just from gamers playing it but also with downloadable content. There have been a total of five downloadable content packs for Battlefield 3, the most recent of which is called ‘End Game.’

Like the other DLC packs, End Game brings new two modes and four new maps to Battlefield 3. The new modes, namely ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Air Supremacy,’ add some new challenges but from what I have played, you are either going to like or hate them.

Battlefield 3: End Game Screenshot 1

Air Supremacy

Air Supremacy mode is like Tank Supremacy, but as you guessed it, in the air. Each team starts with only access to jet fighters and instead of just one point to secure like in Tank Supremacy, there are three. Taking a position is a challenge as you need to slow down your jet just enough to secure the area. There are no other vehicles in this mode, which makes this an all-out Dog Fight mode. I just want to share that I am very bad with a jet – I can fly pretty well, but still to this day have not managed to secure a kill with a jet, unless you take crashing it as a kill.

Battlefield 3: End Game Screenshot 8

I am not a big fan of this mode as I died many times and never managed to get a kill. It’s one of the most difficult modes in the game, so my advice is, practice to be a great pilot and make sure you have all the good unlocks for your jet. If you take care of those two things, then you will do fine in this mode.

Capture the Flag

I am super excited about this mode, as this has to be one of my favourite game types in online play. It’s a fun challenge to defend your own flag but still try and capture your enemy’s flag, and when you have captured your enemy’s flag and you return the flag to your base and your flag is not there, you can’t claim the point. Your flag needs to be present, so this makes for additional challenge.

Battlefield 3: End Game Screenshot 3

The addition of the motorcycle to Capture the Flaf is awesome and I really enjoyed it. It’s fast and it comes in handy when trying to escape with the enemy flag. One problem I have with this mode is that (and this was a real problem every time I played) with it being CTF, your base is open for the enemy to enter and claim your flag, but this also opens your whole base to spawn camping. Sometimes it’s really difficult to get moving once you have spawned. This is the way everyone currently wants to play online, which is sad.

The Maps

The maps in End Game are great and are very open levels. Unlike Battlefield 3’s other maps, every time I played the levels in End Game I didn’t ever find the ‘return to battlefield’ borders. So they are big. With it being so open, the motorcycles are really in their element on these maps. You can really choose your own way to get to the flag and sometimes the most unlikely route is the best, as the enemy won’t expect you to come through there.

Battlefield 3: End Game Screenshot 4

There are four maps: Kiasar Railroad, Nebandan Flats, Operation Riverside and Sabalan Pipeline. They might be offered in the same DLC, but the maps differ like night and day with representations of each season, Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring. Some maps are open, and by open I mean there is not much cover. So to make sure you survive, you need to move quickly or else a sniper or a chopper will find you and kill you.

With CTF you will notice the flags are far apart from each other, so you need to think ahead when you attempt to capture the enemy flag, and plan your escape route, because you will have lots of ground to cover to get to your base. If you work as a team then, like always, it makes it bit easier.

I have sadly not had the honour of testing out the new Dropship feature, where one can deploy a tank from the air and land right in the middle of the battle.

Battlefield 3: End Game Screenshot 10

Battlefield 3: End Game is a great downloadable pack, but it does have little issues, like spawn camping. Battlefield 3 is all about team work, however, so the more you work as a team the more fun you will have.

The Good: Great open world maps; Capture the Flag; Motorcycles

The Bad: Not a big fan of Air Supremacy mode

The Ugly: Spawn camping