Darkstalkers Resurrection (PS3)

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Darkstalkers has been around for a very long time. In fact, the first instance of the franchise I can find is as far back as 1994. There are games, anime series and comics all dedicated to the franchise and, as such, you can expect that anything new in the series will be very good. Darkstalkers Resurrection is the compilation of two of the previous titles, namely Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Darkstalkers 3. In saying that, however, Darkstalkers Resurrection is much more than a simple compilation and there have been some incredible improvements to the games.

The changes that are most noticeable are, of course, the improvement in graphics and the smoothness of the game in general. One of the things that I do enjoy though is the ability to change the graphics mode to be as high definition as you like, but also to change the mode so that it looks exactly like the arcade versions of almost twenty years ago.

Darkstalkers Resurrection Screenshot 1

Another feature that I really like is the improved artwork that you can unlock throughout the game. This artwork is exceptional and highly appreciated by anime fans such as myself. Players like me will also appreciate the enhanced training and challenges mode which allow the player to learn skill moves through tutorials and also to develop their skills without the challenge of the AI.

I always feel a bit sorry for the developers of these kinds of games because of the expectations of the fans. Unfortunately for the developers they are not going to be able to please everyone, and there will always be those gamers that have a fond recollection of the game that the new releases will never be able to live up to. With Darkstalkers Resurrection, however, I feel that the developers have done an excellent job in pleasing as many people as possible. The game can be tailored to the specific preferences of the gamer and the wide spectrum of options allows for most gamers to enjoy the game regardless of whether they played the games before or whether they are new to the franchise.

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Capcom is very well known for classic arcade games, and especially for fighters such as Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes and, of course, Darkstalkers. Inevitably a comparison will be made between the different franchises and everyone will have their favourites, but I must admit that my favourite is Darkstalkers. And this is entirely due to the characters.

The characters and gameplay of Darkstalkers are much darker and more monstrous than their counterparts from other franchises and I quite enjoy this. I especially like the way that the characters are based on mythological, fantasy and fairy tale creatures. Vampires, Werewolves, Mummies, the Sasquatch, a Pharaoh, Frankenstein’s Monster, the occasional Succubus, and even Little Red Riding Hood all make an appearance in this game, and the imagination that has gone into the characters make each a great deal of fun to play. There is even a high tech robot thrown in for good measure. Exploring the talents and history of the characters is what I love most about the game.

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The game itself is a 2D fighter with complex moves that are exceptionally frustrating to learn and exceptionally satisfying to master. Many people call these games “button mashers” and, whilst it is possible to defeat the first few characters in Arcade mode and the occasional online player, the really skillful players that have mastered the moves (or at least four or five) can put the “button masher” to shame. I am not particularly dextrous when it comes to these games so I find them particularly frustrating, but it is fantastic when I pull off one of the excellent moves available.

Online play is also very stable and smooth. I didn’t play much online, but what I did play I really enjoyed. There are so many options available to the player so that the experience can be perfected to the individual preference of each gamer. Online and co-op play are definitely the strength of these kind of fighters and they ensure the longevity of the game. Once the Arcade and singleplayer games are played and objectives are met, it is a great experience to go online and show the world what you are now capable of.

Darkstalkers: Resurrection Screenshot 2

There are some other great features of the game as well, and these can be enjoyed or ignored depending on what you want. The awards section is also great and earning awards by competing goals in the actual game is fun and allows for a certain sense of accomplishment. There is also a means to watch replays of your fights, interact with social networks and a whole lot more. All of it is great to explore and share with friends.

Darkstalkers Resurrection is a great title and the developers have done a great job in my view. There is the perfect combination of nostalgia and modern technology that make the game perfect for older and younger gamers alike. I would highly recommend this game to all gamers as long as they know what they are buying. Darkstalkers Resurrection is the compilation of two games that were first released about eighteen years ago and, as such, the gamer should not expect too much in the way of graphics or astounding performance. What the gamer can expect is to have a great deal of fun and an exciting challenge that will keep them captivated. Personally I would buy the game just for the rich diversity of the characters and the chance to see Little Red Riding Hood mowing down bad guys with an Uzi!