Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army (PC)

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When it comes to picking a politically correct enemy that no-one will object to gamers murdering en masse, it’s a toss-up between National Socialists (that’s the Nazi’s for the uneducated) and zombies. If we are honest here, for years we’ve all enjoyed countless hours slaying Nazi’s and zombies in some of our favourite shooters.

Rebellion has realised that most gamers feel like they have earned the Reich (Groan… – Ed) to personally exterminate these two undesirable population groups and has decided to extend on the universe of Sniper Elite V2 with a PC-exclusive release of Nazi Zombie Army.

Nazi Zombie Army Screenshot 1

Nazi Zombie Army is a standalone expansion to Sniper Elite V2 and takes place in the twilight of the Third Reich. The introductory video shows a clearly disconsolate Fuhrer agitating over a tactical map of shrinking Nazi Germany, considering a Luger lying next to him as some of his closest aides stand inconspicuously nearby. Eventually the officer that drew the short straw steps forward and announces to Mr. Hitler that the war is lost, surrender is their only option.

Hitler, clearly not agreeing with that, relieves the officer of his duty (and his life) and screams “The fatherland will not fall! Execute Plan Z!” in the Queen’s best English (with a slight flavour of German accent in there) and so begins the rise of yet-another Nazi-induced Zombie Army. I think we all knew it was G