The Walking Dead: Episode 5 (PC)

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Have you ever finished a game, almost panicky, wondering what the heck is going to happen next? You end up sitting at your desk or on your couch thinking, “That cannot be the end!” That is what happened to me at the end of Episode 5 of The Walking Dead. After an incredible journey with fantastic storytelling and a truly emotional experience, I am left with that emptiness that comes at the end of such a great saga. Please, Telltale, hurry up with the sequel!

Our survivors, whoever they may be, are about to leave Savannah when tragedy strikes. All your decisions throughout the previous episodes now come to fruition. It is now when you see who are true friends, who you have helped, and who ultimately survives another day.

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Again, as I have said throughout my reviews of The Walking Dead, it is extremely hard to review these adventures without giving away too much. The story, the characters and what happens to them, are at the very core of what makes this series so special. Telling you what happens will only ruin the whole game for you.

Yes, we have zombies in this game. We even get to kill them with guns and butcher’s knives and all sorts of makeshift weapons. They are, however, not the stars. The Walking Dead asks the hard questions, questions like “what would you do to survive?” or “who in life can you really trust?”

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I recently managed to pick up most of The Walking Dead comic books on my tablet, and I can see where the inspiration for the videogames comes from. In the comic book Rick Grimes goes through hell and back to protect his family. He will take limbs to save people, he will kill to protect, and he will fight until his last breath to keep them safe. In The Walking Dead game it is no different. Lee has grown to think of Clementine as his own daughter, and will do anything to protect her. Even if you choose to be a complete heartless fool in the game, you cannot help but let her crawl under your skin.

I feel drained now. I have walked this journey with anticipation, with fear and heartache, and with a boatload of surprises. Nobody was safe and they all could die at any second. I feel exhausted, but at the same time I need more. I am sad, but I am also excited.

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By now you will know that I consider this one of the best games of not only the year, but of all time. There are two things worth mentioning though, Telltale Games, on their official support forums, stated that they have no intention of supporting Windows 8 with their current titles, The Walking Dead included. This forced me to play the game on my work laptop with no dedicated graphics card. I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of the game, but annoyingly surprised that I even had to move my installation across. Thank goodness I had my save games backed up!

This also appears to be the shortest of the five episodes. I am not sure if this is simply because I did not want it to end, or if it is legitimately shorter. The length of the episode will, however, not make the slightest difference to your purchase options as you have probably bought the whole series.

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Before I leave you to go cry your own eyes shut, take note of two things. Number one: watch the game in its entirety. In true movie fashion you get a short little clip at the end of the credits to nicely set up the sequel (oh goodness, there better be a sequel!). Number two: what is in the bag!?

Please, do yourself a favour and play this game. The complete set should release soon and I am sure you can pick it up for cheap on the Steam Winter sale or even physical console copies. Either way, get it and get it now!

The Good: Epic conclusion that will leave you breathless; great pacing and storytelling.
The Bad: It had to end eventually, I guess; no Windows 8 support, bummer; is it short or is that just me?
The What?: What is in the bag!? WHAT IS IN THE BAG?!?