The Walking Dead Part 4 (PC)

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(Disclaimer: Be sure to read my reviews of the first three parts of the Walking Dead here, here and here, and if you’re already playing the series and haven’t got to the fourth episode, be warned that while I don’t give away any details, there might be minor spoilers here that may ruin the experience. Simply take my word for it, you must play all five episodes!)

Again I am faced with a dilemma. How do you write a review for an episodic game where each episode is better than the previous, and you already used every possible adjective to describe it’s brilliance? Easy: You make up new ones!

The Walking Dead: Episode 4 – Around Every Corner is zombiciously horrific and fantasmic in its execution. Add to that the wonderthralling story and superdocious characters and you won’t be able to stop playing. This game is delectively awesomesauce!

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In the latest and greatest episode of The Walking Dead series of adventure games by Telltale Games, you will find yourself a changed person. In a room with a few other survivors a zombie jumps through a door, pushes down a character, rips open their abdominal cavity and starts to feed. My reaction? “Oh bummer, another one bites the dust.”

And that is exactly what I suspect real life would be like after a hundred days of zombie survival. You would have seen your best friends, family and your dog eaten by zombies. And after a while you probably won’t care anymore. It’s kind of like when you watch videos of guys being hit in the goonies with a ball [Like… the movie? Weird – Ed]. It’s funny the first few times, but then after a while it simply is no longer funny.

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This is true for every character apart from one: Clementine. The little girl has crawled so deep under my skin that her safety is far more important than anyone else’s. When Lee, the character you play, gets into a sticky situation you fear for his life, not because he might die, but because Clementine will be alone. Telltale Games obviously suspects that this relationship has developed to this extent and the team manipulate your emotions whenever they can.

Our survivors (it would be pointless to list them as they could well be different from one player to the next) have made it to Savannah and are trying to get a boat to escape. Where to escape to and where to find a boat are bridges they will cross when they get there, but as always it’s not only the zombies causing trouble. We have run into bandits and various nefarious characters along the way and it would be silly to think that Savannah is a safe haven.

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Episode 4 still has the ability to deliver a character-driven story so tense that I simply cannot put it into words. There are lulls in the action and suspense which serves only as a short breather, which is followed either by some slow sneaking past the previously mentioned baddies, or a full on guns blazing escape from locations that are very bad for your health.

This latest instalment in The Walking Dead series does so well to set up the final episode that when it ended I was sitting with my mouth open, staring. My mind was screaming: Omigosh! Omigosh! Omigosh! I knew the truth – the horrible truth: I will have to wait another month for the next episode! It will be a long wait, but I cannot wait to see how this story will conclude!

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The Good: Still amazing in pretty much every aspect

The Bad: Still nothing to fault this game on

The Ugly: Omigosh! That did not just happen!