Trine 2: Goblin Menace (PC)

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Trine 2 is one of those games that has to be played in order to be appreciated. It is beautifully made, is a great physics based puzzle platformer, and you can switch between three characters each with their own special skill. See what I mean? It sounds rather average. It is far above average though (read the review here). The game is good enough to warrant an expansion, and Goblin Menace is that expansion.

As far as expansions go, this is a cracker. You get more of the fantastic level design and mind-bending puzzles as seen in the parent game, and for the price you get enough game-time to not think that your money was wasted.

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The story, however, is pretty forgettable. The goblins encountered in Trine 2 now attack your town and the three heroes need to put an end to this. So our heroes go out and soon realise that the menace is actually a very deadly threat. In Goblin Menace you will die a lot more than before. Puzzles are harder and often felt almost impossible to solve without a co-op partner to carry you over deep crevasses or fend off the goblins while you try to work a switch.

Some of the puzzles also felt very much like a case of trial and error. Too often did I encounter a puzzle where I had absolutely no idea of what was going on or what was supposed to happen. So I went through the motions of trying every character’s skills on every item on screen, sometimes with hilarious results.

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Each character now also has new skills, which not only comes in handy in the expansion, but are also available in the parent game. This should encourage you to try your hand at the full game again and try to solve some puzzles in an entirely different way.

The wizard, who generally didn’t excel at combat, can now draw prisons around goblins to trap them long enough to switch to one of the other, more aggressive characters. The fighter’s shield now acts as a board to glide with, and he can also pull metal objects toward himself. This makes him the most rounded character out there. If only the wizard could use some real magic on his victims…I mean goblins. The thief also has more skills. When shooting her explosive arrows she causes much more damage. She is not as fragile as before either and can use a protective shield to protect herself, and even solve some puzzles with.

Trine 2: Goblin Menace Screenshot 8

A special mention has to be made of the game’s graphics: it is simply spectacular. The amount of colourful lights and amazing scenery combine to give you a wonderland that C.S. Lewis could not even conjure up. From Chinese themed airships to deserts worms, it has them all.

After a few short hours you would have dealt with Goblin Menace and probably won’t return there again. You will feel satisfied and happy that you played it. You will remember that it only cost you $8 and you will smile.

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The Good: Good value, substantial content.
The Bad: Trial and error puzzle solving can get frustrating.
The Ugly: A wizard without real magic?