Max Payne 3 Singleplayer (Xbox360)

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Max Payne is a man of many vices. He smokes, swears, is an alcoholic and is addicted to pain killers. In spite of this, he is generally a nice guy just trying to find his place in the world despite repeated setbacks and some pretty awful luck. Unfortunately for Max Payne, bad luck isn’t a new thing for him and has pretty much followed him around throughout the whole life.

Having lost his wife and daughter in the first game in the Max Payne series, his life is a series of events which appear to be a downward spiral to rock bottom. Does the troubled ex-cop finally get some closure in Max Payne 3?

Max Payne 3 Screenshot 4

Although Max Payne 3 is called a third-person shooter, I think this doesn’t fully encompass what the game actually is as there are two parts to it. The first is the storyline, which is a hard and gritty tale of a man’s struggle against corruption, greed and evil in the South American city of S