Wii Play (Wii)

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Wii Play Boxshot

Play is the name of the game… literally

Wii Play is the second installment in the “Wii X” franchise of games, following on from the tremendous success of Wii Sports. Instead of being packed in with the Wii console though, they decided to include a Wii Remote with the game in a “box set” fashion so that not only do you get a great game but you get another remote to use for all the multiplayer goodness that is about to come. This time around players will be able to choose from nine different two player mini-games that make full use of the Wii’s unique controller and teach the player about different ways in which they can manipulate games with it.

Players use their custom created Mii’s to add that little bit of extra charm to the game, whilst a couple of the mini-games go so far as to using just about every Mii you have on your system. Like with Wii sports, to best describe this game I would need to look at each of the mini-games in more detail. Let me give you a quick run-down.

Shooting Range

This game has the same look and feel as the old retro Duck Hunt game with the graphics having been brought up to speed as well as the intense game play. Players point at the screen with their Wiimotes, taking aim at balloons, targets, tin cans and even aliens! All the time groups of ducks fly by, and if you are fast enough to hit one or two of them, you’ll be smiling because they are worth big points. Players play against each other and the sharp shooter with the most points at the end claims the victory.

Wii Play Shooting Range Screenshot

Find Mii

Again you will be using your Wiimote to point at the screen but this time you’ll have to use much better observation skills. Players are given a simple instruction such as “Find 2 Alike.” You will then be presented with an almost ‘Where’s Wally’ type screen with a whole bunch of Mii’s on it (all taken from your Mii Plaza) and you will have to look around for two of them that are identical. Find them by simply clicking on the two Mii’s that match and you’ll get the just reward of points. Simple? Not quite, as the Mii’s soon start getting lost into bigger crowds or are presented in much more complex environments such as swimming around in the ocean or spinning around in outer space.

Table Tennis

Essentially an updated version of pong, which is presented on a nifty table tennis table with more and more Miis gathering around as the game intensifies. Nothing else to it, and I’m sure you all know how pong works.

Laser Hockey

Just like air hockey at the arcades, players attempt to get the puck through the opponents goals by hitting the puck with their paddle. Another simple, yet extremely fun mini-game.

Wii Play Laser Hockey Screenshot


This game took me back to my days as a youth, the days when we would go to the local fair and pay our 50c to play a game of magnetic fishing. If you remember all the fish were laid out on the floor as pieces of paper, and you would fish them up to reveal a prize. Well, in the Wii Play version when you catch the fish you score points of course. All you need to do is dangle your hook near the mouth of any of the fish, you’ll feel it nibbling, and once the fish bites on you need to quickly jerk up the Wii Remote to catch the said fish.

Wii Play Fishing Screenshot

Pose Mii

A wrist twisting, quick thinking, bubble bursting experience. Prepare for a mental and physical challenge as you try to match one of three Mii poses, and the correct direction to pop the bubbles before they reach the water below! This one can get quite frustrating but, with much practice, one could get good at it.

Wii Play Pose Mii Screenshot


One of the best Billiards simulators I’ve ever seen, perfectly conceptualized and great use of the Wii Remote too! Once you have lined up your stroke and the position on the ball where you are going to hit, you simply hold in a button and pull back and thrust forward the remote just as you would with the cue stick in a real game of Billiards…Woot!


Get your cowboy boots out and strap yourself onto a cow in a crazy race to try and knock over as many scarecrows as you can in a limited amount of time. Feel free to bump the other player off the track if you will, you are trying to win after all. Holding the Wii Remote on either end, you’ll control the cow by steering left and right and make the cow run faster by rotating the controller forward or pulling back if you want to slow down. You will also have to fling the controller up into the air to jump over those irritating hurdles.


Nothing completes a good game like the inclusion of tanks. This mini-game also happens to be the only one that makes use of the Nunchuck attachment (optional). Given a set of 30 combat situations, you will have to steer your way out of a barrage of oncoming fire and kill off all the enemy tanks before you yourself die.

Wii Play, yeah it’s a great game for a good few hours of 2 player multiplayer fun, and you’ll find yourself trying to get those elusive platinum medals when you’re playing by yourself. The inclusion of an additional controller makes it all that more viable to buy to add to your collection.

Good: Free Wii Remote; the Tank Game.
Bad: Only supports 2 players; not much replayability.