Canis Canem Edit (PS2)

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Your mother has just remarried and your stepfather thinks you’re an idiot, so naturally you decide to rebel at school and you know where that lands you up… Bullworth Academy – notorious for being able to straighten out even the most twisted and confused teenage delinquent. Let’s thank God that this is just a game!

Canis Cadem Edit Screenshot 3As could be expected with a Rockstar game, Canis Canem Edit (known as “Bully” in the USA) has been getting a lot of coverage by the press as being controversial because it “promotes” violence in schools. It’s obvious that none of the journalists who have made these accusations have actually played the game. Instead of being the one who’s causing all the violence (cast your minds back to Grand Theft Auto) you’re trying to defend yourself from all the bullies that are at the school already when you get there.

Soon you’ll be carrying a lethal arsenal of stink bombs, crackers and even a catty, which will be your only defenses against the numbskull brick house bullies of the academy. As you play through the game you will have options in the storyline that will ultimately effect your relations with one of the five “gangs” of the school. These gangs for instance consist of “The Geeks” or “The Jocks” etc etc… The more favour you have with The Geeks the more geek related missions you will be sent on, like escorting geeks to their lockers and protecting them from any Jocks (their arch rivals) along the way.

Canis Cadem Edit Screenshot 2The level design is huge and really does make you feel as though you are a part of an academic estate. Everything is there from the girls’ dorms to “The Stacks” in the library. But the game consists of more that just the school, you will also gain access to the town in which the academy is situated, thus opening up a whole new realm of missions that you could be sent on.

In the town you will find shops and various other places where you can modify your body – no no no, not only piercing and tattoos, I’m talking about hairstyles, clothing and that type of thing too. Yes, it’s all in there, if you did it in GTA you’ll be able to do it in Canis Canem Edit, you’ll even be hijacking bicycles.

Canis Cadem Edit Sreenshot 1This game is exactly like Grand Theft Auto, in fact the only thing that has been changed is the art and story and it’s been packaged into a new box and given a new name. I really don’t like when game houses do this because you’re paying the same premium price for a game that actually didn’t have to go through too much development. On the other hand, you can argue that the story and style is the only thing that matters in this sort of game, but while playing you will start having flashbacks as the game becomes more and more like GTA. Either way this game is going to keep you entertained for hours because it has been stuffed full of content and enough of it to keep you playing on right until the very end.

Pros: Interesting story and characters; good humour.
Cons: Another GTA; lacks direction in most parts.

Final note: This game will entertain you, especially if you like action/adventure/GTA styled games, but with loose game play like this it’s hard to tell whether you’re doing well or not, or even what your ultimate goal is. It definitely won’t be featuring in my collection, but you shouldn’t totally ignore it either.