WarioWare Touched (DS)

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For those of you who have never played a WarioWare game before, let me bring you up to date. WarioWare games consist of hundreds of mini-games that are really quick and easy to play. For instance, you will be given a command to “jump!” and a boulder moves towards a little man and you have to simply press ‘A’ to make the man jump. It seems simple, but as you progress through a flurry of these games they speed up and you have to be quick on the button.

WarioWare Touched was one of the launch titles of the Nintendo DS, and it once again features all the mini-game madness of its predecessors. In this version all the mini-games are played with the stylus and will see you having to swat flies by pressing on them while they buzz around the screen, or light matches by striking them across a match box.

If you’re thinking, “this seems like a really stupid idea for a game,” then you have obviously never played a WarioWare game before. There is something about it’s simplicity in design but complexity in gameplay that really draws you in.

The art style is very basic, but tastefully done. Most of the games have a “drawn” look about them. I think the idea behind this was to keep it simple so that you can focus on what the task is. More complex graphics might take to long for the brain to process and you will miss out on that one split second to poke a snail in the eyes or pull the tail of a cat.

In this version of the game there are over 180 mini-games that get unlocked as you progress through the various types of games. The main menu is comprised of a whole bunch of characters from the WarioWare universe, each with their own set of games to challenge you with. One character’s games will involve you having to drag things around, ie: dragging coins into a purse or dragging things like a match over a cake to light candles, whilst others have things like “Scribble,” “Screwing,” “Rubbing” and “Slicing.” There is even a character who’s games are all controlled with the microphone, albeit usually blowing into the microphone, such as “Blowing off girls,” in which you literally have to blow off a crowd of girls from this guy, or blowing into the sails of a ship to steer it clear of obstacles. Another will also see you revisiting a host of retro games!

The game has an awesome sense of humour. On the game box as well as throughout the manual, you will have Wario saying that he’s designed this new game for the DS, and it’s got over 180 new games in it and how with two screens now he’ll rake in double the amount of money from sales…

“Arrrrrg! How do I work this thing?! It’s got two screens! Wait… I can use this weird little stick thing on the screen to play! This is actually fun! I’ve got it – I’ll trick people to make me a bunch of microgames for free and then I’ll sell them to the masses. With two screens, I’ll make twice as much money! KER-CHING!”

WarioWare games have always been known to be games that you can just slap into your console, start up, and get right into the action, and this one is no exception. You may have to have some restraint with the stylus because you’ll often find yourself wanting to break it after missing a mini-game!
There is really nothing bad about this game, every part of it is so well thought out and polished, I’d definitely recommend it as part of any gamers collection.

Pros: All new mini-games; start up and play instant action; never gets old.
Cons: None.

Final thought: A definite must for any gamer that likes quick, fast paced action games with a weird edge to them. This is one of Nintendo’s flagship products, you won’t be disappointed.