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When Destiny was first announced it flew under my radar since I had never paid much attention to Bungie’s hugely popular Halo series. As soon as I laid eyes upon the game’s concept art, however, and saw trailers depicting its sci-fi setting I knew that this was one next-gen title to look out for. The opportunity of exploring distant planets with friends and kitting out your adventurer with awesome-looking weapons and armour just seems too good to miss out on, especially when you take into account the game’s gorgeous visuals and Bungie’s proven track record.

During gamescom I was lucky enough to attend a brief preview session for Destiny hosted by the Workflow Producer at Bungie. She told us that there are now over 400 people working at the Washington-based studio which means that the scope of Destiny is correspondingly ambitious.

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She then gave us a bit of background information about the game, saying that Destiny takes place across multiple planets and moons including the Earth, Mars, Venus and Saturn. The game features a unique ‘three weapon’ system where one slot is reserved for heavy weaponry, giving Bungie the creative freedom to dream up some truly devastating guns.

You can play with up to two friends during Destiny’s singleplayer campaign and the game also boasts an extensive multiplayer component which features a brand new, seamless matchmaking system. Destiny also places a great emphasis on loot, so expect to spend a lot of time upgrading your arsenal and abilities and seeking out enemies or quests which yield the best rewards.

One of the most interesting morsels of information shared during the presentation was that each player will have their own personal ship which they can customise and show off during certain events. You can also use your ship to travel between planets so ship-based combat seems certain despite the Bungie representative saying that she couldn’t confirm anything.

During the presentation we were also shown the following video documentary which delves into some of the ways in which Bungie set out to impress and satisfy players with Destiny’s gameplay and key features:

Destiny is out in 2014 across PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One. Head over here for El33tonline’s previous coverage of this ambitious “shared world shooter” which has resulted from a long-term partnership between Activision and Bungie.