Rabbids Land Hands-on (WiiU)

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The Rabbids are a whacky bunch of characters, and boy do they like to cause mischief! Their invasion began in Rayman’s world, but pretty soon their plans had evolved and they moved on to invade our TVs, our lounges, attempted to re-write history, and then even went on to invade the moon. This time round the Rabbids have set their sights on the amusement park, and they’re about to invade it in Rabbids Land.

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Rabbids Land is the new party game currently in development for the Wii U at Ubisoft Paris Studio and will be available when Nintendo’s new console launches this November. We attended a presentation at Gamescom 2012 where members of the development team explained that the title was inspired by the fun that you can have at an amusement park, but they wanted to do this is in a fun and wacky way, without having to wait in long queues and buy the expensive food on offer… and who better to enrol for this job than the Rabbids!

The game sees the Rabbids invading an amusement park, only “they don’t intend to wait in lines like everyone else or stay seated during the whole journey.” Rabbids are Rabbids, so you can look forward to discovering how they will take over more than 20 attractions in the park, including the haunted house, tunnel of love, rollercoaster and pirate boat.

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The trophy race, hosted by Mr Chance, is at the centre of Rabbids Land, and is the arena where you’ll be able to play a turn-based game where up to four players compete against each other to win the most trophies. You’ll begin by rolling the dice, then moving on to a square. Each square has a specific action, which range from wildly wacky to completely unexpected, anything from changing the rules of the game to finding items to beat up your opponents and collecting more trophies to being catapulted into attractions!

For example, you may have to answer a wacky question, where the other players can also be involved by betting on your answer, or you may find a baseball bat to hit the other Rabbids and steal their trophies. You’ll also be able to participate in events that will influence the race, such as making a Rabbid thief appear to steal a player’s trophies or launching a bomb that could explode at any moment. You’ll be able to play trophy race in either a long or short session.

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Each attraction in Rabbids Land offers asymmetrical gameplay, you’ll be able to experience two different gamplay perspectives, depending on whether you play using the using the Wii Remote on the TV screen or the Wii U GamePad. For example, Rocket Rabbid is a versus mode where one player is riding a rollercoaster on water-skis, trying to avoid fireballs, while the other player is using the GamePad to shoot fireballs based on the rhythm of the music! You’ll even be able to play the full game on the GamePad without using the TV should you choose.

Rabbids Land includes both co-operative and versus modes, like the competitive one described above. Tunnel of Love will see players co-operating to create five couples, in order to do so they’ll need to find matching symbols on the Rabbids clothes by talking to each other…and lifting skirts or kilts! Raiders of the Lost Ball, however, will see two players competing to hunt treasure down. While one player controls three green marbles and tries to collect ten diamonds from the Temple of Doom, the other player tries to prevent him from doing so by crushing the marbles with a large rock.

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You can also look forward to cleaning up a haunted house, one player armed with a washing machine and the other equipped with a hoover. The pair will need to co-operatively suck up six ghosts and clean the house, with one player first spraying the ghosts with cleaning agent to reveal them and the second player catching them with the hoover to trap them in the washing machine.

There’s also the game that sees a band of three Rabbid thieves trying to collect eight items from the souvenir store without being spotted by the security guard, who is sitting behind his CCTV control screens and will try to pick the right camera and use its laser gun to disintegrate the robbers.

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Rabbids Land is just as wacky and fun as you would expect a Rabbids title to be, and with the extra gameplay experiences offered by the Wii U GamePad it will definitely be an awesome party game that everyone can enjoy!

You can see Rabbids Land in action in an awesome trailer below:

Rabbids Land – Gamescom Trailer

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