Trine 2: Goblin Menace (PC)

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Last week developer Frozenbyte revealed details of a new expansion for the beautiful co-op puzzle platformer Trine 2. You’ll remember Trine 2 as the sidescrolling adventure that sees you playing as one of three heroes, Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight or Zoya the thief. Thanks to the game’s online co-op you can journey through this fantastical fairytale world with up to three players, solving physics-based puzzles with fire, water, gravity and magic as well as defeating mystical enemies as you progress.

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We chatted to Mikael Haveri, Sales and Marketing Manager for Frozenbyte, at gamescom to find out more about the upcoming Goblin Menace expansion for Trine 2, and here’s what we found out.

Trine 2: Goblin Menace is a new campaign which, in addition to improving the visuals of Trine 2, includes six unique levels, as well as more cut-scenes, introductions and character speech. It also features new skills for the three characters, and it’s worthwhile mentioning that these new skills are also playable in the original game. This means that Frozenbyte has gone back to add new items into the environment to make using the new skills possible in Trine 2 – quite an undertaking in my opinion!

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For example, one of the new skills for the wizard is that he can now magnetise certain metal objects. This makes it possible to create bridges with the boxes and planks that he conjures to create new paths to overcome challenges and progress in the game. This meant the development team had to go back and add metal to the original game to make it possible to use this new skill – quite an undertaking in my opinion!

Mikael explained that even if two players are playing online, both don’t need to have the expansion to be able to play together. This means that one player can have the expansion and the other doesn’t, the only provisos being that players without the expansion won’t be able to use the new skills and won’t be able to earn experience points either.

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We got a glimpse of an Egypt-type level in Goblin Menace and saw the new skills in action, which add even more depth and variation to the gameplay. You can also look forward to new monsters in the expansion, which are said to be a lot more hostile this time around. We saw a few boss battles which included facing off against a sand monster, a scorpion and even a dragon!

Trine 2: Goblin Menace Screenshot 2

In addition to the wizard’s new magnetic skill, both the thief and the knight also have new skills. The thief has a new arrow, she can create a bubble with this arrow and time then slows down within this bubble. This is handy in more than one situation, for example boxes can now float within the bubble, and she can avoid an enemy shooting at her. The knight’s new kite shield means he can now glide between platforms.

These new skills can all be used differently as you progress through Goblin Menace, and there are multiple things that you can do with them. Bear in mind that players can use each character’s special skill to complete a puzzle, giving you another insight into how much hard work goes into designing each and every puzzle within the game. Allow me to describe one of the puzzles we encountered to illustrate this: there is a beam of light that needs to be reflected onto an object on the adjacent wall in order for a door to open. If you’re playing as the wizard you’ll need to magnetise the object hanging above your head and use this to reflect the light in the desired direction accordingly, but if you’re the thief you can use the bubble to reflect the light while the knight will use his shield to reflect the light.

Trine 2: Goblin Menace Screenshot 6

Trine 2: The Goblin Menace will be available for the PC and Mac in early September. The price point for the expansion has yet to be announced. You can check out the new trailer and screenshots from gamescom for Goblin Menace below.

You can also read El33tonline’s review of Trine 2 or browse through our coverage over here to find out more about Trine 2. And look out for Trine 2: Director’s Cut for the Wii U which will also include this expansion.

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