Nintendo Land Hands-on (WiiU)

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Nintendo unveiled Nintendo Land during their E3 press conference just last week. The game was presented on stage and we got a brief look at a few of the attractions that the game would offer.

Nintendo Land features 12 mini-games, but so far the publisher has only chosen to reveal five of the games to us. These attractions form part of a theme park and each feature a different take on a Nintendo franchise. Up to five players can enjoy the multiplayer modes in certain games, sometimes you’ll use the Wii Remote to play, while other times you’ll use the Wii U GamePad controller. We got the opportunity to test these five games at the Nintendo booth at E3.

Luigi’s Mansion sees four players teaming up co-operatively against another player – this means that five players can enjoy the game together! The four players must work as a team to find the ghost (controlled by the player with the GamePad) – each holding a Wii Remote sideways the players navigate their way through different rooms on the top-down map with the D-pad controlling direction. Pressing 1 will switch on your flashlight, which you’ll need to do when your Wii Remote rumbles, indicating the ghost is close. Did I mention the ghost is invisible? If he manages to catch you your team mates can revive you using their flashlights, but make sure you’re wary because otherwise he’ll get you too!

Nintendoland Luigis Ghost Mansion Playstyle

When you manage to catch the ghost in your light his points will decrease. If you manage to get him to zero you will win, but if he catches all four players before they are revived then he wins! Using your flashlight means the batteries will run low, and so you’ll need to keep an eye out for battery packs and the star power-up which will help you continue the search. The ghost meanwhile is using the GamePad to sneak about the shadows, instead of watching the TV like the rest of the players, he focuses on the GamePad screen as he plots his capture technique.

Luigi’s Mansion is a lot of fun, and proved to be very addictive too. When I played the game on the show floor I teamed up with three people I’d never met before, yet before long we were strategising to catch the ghost, protecting players while they were reviving a fallen comrade and playing together as a team even though we were complete strangers. And that, dear readers, is the power of videogames and the joy of Nintendo!

Nintendo Land - Luigi
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