Squids Odyssey is the Nintendo eShop’s first Cross-Buy title

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The idea of paying for a game once and being able to play it on different devices has been around for a while. Apple, Sony and Valve have all embraced the idea of ‘Cross-Buy’ with regards to their respective digital platforms and now Nintendo appears to have stepped aboard the Cross-Buy express with Thursday’s upcoming eShop release Squids Odyssey.

The game is already out on the Wii U and if you purchase the imminent 3DS port you’ll be able to download the home console version free of charge provided both systems share the same Nintendo Network ID. It’s unclear whether this deal extends the other way so if you don’t own the game yet then it would be a better bet to purchase its 3DS version.

As for the game, Squids Odyssey is a unique blend of the action and SRPG genres involving turn-based battles against sea life such as shrimps and crabs that have been corrupted by a mysterious black ooze.

Do you hope to see more Nintendo eShop developers supporting Cross-Buy with their future releases? Let us know in the comments.

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