YouTube starting to roll out support for 60fps videos

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YouTube has announced that it has begun rolling out support for videos with a frame rate of 48 or 60 frames per second. Previously the site capped all videos at 30 frames per second. This new feature will be available for all content creators to take advantage of “in the coming months”.

This move has massive implications for videogame videos on the internet since viewers will finally be able to appreciate the increased fluidity that 60fps introduces without having to search for specially encoded videos showing games running at their native frame rates. It could also encourage more developers to target 60fps since their game’s frame rate will now be in the public eye more than ever.

Here are two sample videos showing Battlefield Hardline and Titanfall running at 60fps provided you set the quality to 720p or higher:

Do you think 60fps support on YouTube will change the way developers approach their game’s frame rate and the promotion of this attribute? Let us know in the comments.