After Sleeping Dogs, United Front is working on a free-to-play “smash hit”

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United Front Games delivered one of the more surprisingly enjoyable open-world games in recent years in the form of Sleeping Dogs, and after a lengthy period of post-release downloadable content support and following work on Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, what else does the Canadian development studio have in the works?


Earlier this week, Nexon America announced a publishing agreement with United Front for an upcoming free-to-play game, expected to release in 2015. While public details on the title are almost non-existent, United Front chief executive officer Stephen van der Mescht is confident “it’s going to be a smash hit.”

President and chief executive officer of Nexon, Owen Mahoney, describes the game as a “AAA-quality free-to-play” title, which is in line with the publisher’s intentions to bring similar level experiences to market in the coming years, with Dirty Bomb from Splash Damage launching later in 2014, as well as partnerships with Robert Bowling and Robotoki for Human Element, Brian Reynolds’ company SecretNewCo, and John Schappert’s Shiver Entertainment.

The last game that we heard United Front was working on was something called ‘Triad Wars,’ with a sneaky off-screen image of the game winding its way onto The Internet in late December. Triad Wars is confirmed to be a Square Enix published game, however, or at least at the time of the game’s reveal in 2013.

United Front is an exceptionally solid studio, so you would do well to look forward to the team’s future developments.

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