El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Jump Shovel Knight Challenge

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The world has turned dark and dreary seemingly overnight here in Durban, but the weather hasn’t been able to decide what exactly it wants to do with freezing cold and blazing hot temperatures over the last few days, so there’s every chance we’ll see bright sunshine smiles and wisps of white laughter echoed against a pure blue sky this weekend. Not likely, but it’s a nice image.

Speaking. Of. The. Weekend. Good luck to all the Durbanites taking part in tomorrow’s Jump City Challenge – we know a few fellows who are just about crazy enough to be putting themselves through the trial, so we hope they make it through alive…

Other members of El33tonline have plans of their own this weekend, though, and we’ve scribbled them all down below. What are we up to? What might you have on the go? Let’s find out!

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“I know exactly what I’ll be doing this weekend… playing Shovel Knight! I’ve been waiting all week to play it, and with Valiant Hearts sounding like a bit of a let down I’ll be passing on Ubisoft’s game to go for a vacation with the Yacht Club in lands afar.

I’m not entirely sure what else is on the go, but there are people to catch up with, plans to make and… more games to play. I’m hoping for a productive weekend.

I hope you all have a relaxing time, everybody!”



“This has been one mammoth week of work for me working on the new 1000 core HPC at work and it won’t be topped off by a relaxing gaming stint of any sort. I’m jetting down to Cape Town this weekend for a Winter School at UCT on parallel programming and then it’s back to Durban the following week to go under the knife for an old rugby injury. Maybe then I’ll be able to enjoy some R&R and gaming. For now, lots of work to be done and late nights and homework and dusting off the cobwebs from my coding memory bank.

I’m flying one hour after my wife and kids, so that will be interesting – first time my kids are flying and I’ll be missing it – hopefully she is able to manage the kids on her own and when I reunite in Cape Town they’ll be happy as a lark.

On a bright note, Team South Africa won the International Supercomputer Competition for the second year in a row a few days ago and it’s really a cause for celebration! We pipped teams from M.I.T., China, UK, Germany, and a bunch of others – and to think it’s a team formed less than a year ago from undergraduate students! Go Team South Africa, and go CHPC! We are the world champions in High Performance Computing again!”


– The South African team that won the world High Performance Computing challenge


“It’s been a busy week so I’m looking forward to some R & R this weekend. Sunday we’ll be having a family get together so it will be great to see everyone again. The Springboks are playing Scotland tomorrow evening so I’ll definitely catch that game and see how the new additions to our squad perform.

I’m still busy playing Gyakuten Kenji 2 (like most Ace Attorney games it’s super lengthy) and am slowly whittling away at Trine 2 Complete Edition so I can get to the new levels that weren’t in the PS3 version I’ve already finished.

Have a great weekend everyone!”

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“I am so happy it is w33kend time again. Been one very busy week with some ups and downs. Mostly ups.

Well tonight if my internet behaves I will be doing some Army of Two: The Devils Cartel co-op. Just recently bought the game for a super special. So really looking forward to playing it.

Then tomorrow morning is Jump City Challenge. Going to be epic fun and I am so looking forward to it. Then after that, I need to go buy some things for the building project I got going on at home. Then I will fill the rest of the day with some gaming.

Sunday will be a relaxed day with some family time and some gaming. Maybe some movie watching and then in the evening it is time for some Transformers at Imax. Really looking forward to that.

Have a safe w33kend and enjoy every thing you do this weekend. See you online maybe.

PS. 88 Days till we get the awesomeness in South Africa.”

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“The cold weather has once again reached its icy fingers towards Durban, so this weekend looks like an excellent opportunity to wrap up warm and enjoy some hot chocolate. You can’t drink hot beverages without entertainment, so it will be time to crack open the draw and see what games and movies tickle my fancy for the next few days.

I predict a little more Mario Kart 8 (because it’s just such awesome fun), possibly finishing re-watching The Pirates of the Caribbean movies (savvy!), and hopefully lots of relaxation after a stressful week.

Stay warm p33ps, and have an excellent weekend. Happy gaming.”


What is everybody else busy with this weekend?

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