He’s a Killer, Baby: He’s Godzilla, and he’s coming to PS3 to destroy… everything!

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Sorry, didn’t mean to get your hopes up there because the game hasn’t yet been confirmed for release outside of Japan, but if we wish really hard then Bandai Namco might just consider letting PlayStation 3 owners in the West play the publisher’s upcoming Godzilla game.


Revealed in the pages of Japanese game magazine Famitsu recently, with a debut gameplay trailer released to follow up the news, according to a translation at SiliconEra the 2014 Godzilla game for PS3 “is being made with the atmosphere, dynamic camera angles and explosions that were iconic in the older movies,” but the developers will be using “the latest graphic technologies” to let players feel as though they’re controlling one of the films.

From the looks of the trailer, you’ll be able to make use of Godzilla’s signature attacks including ‘building smash’ and ‘building stomp.’ A laser might also blast out of his mouth at some point during the game.

Watch the first trailer for Godzilla on PS3 below, and click on two scans from Famitsu for some stills from the game:

Godzilla – Debut PS Trailer

Godzilla – Famitsu Image Scans



Source: AllGamesBeta (here and here) and SiliconEra

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