Explosive Sniper Elite III launch trailer teaches us the ABCs of an ambush

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Quite surprisingly, it’s been over two years since the release of Sniper Elite V2 and while developer Rebellion has dabbled in a zombie themed spin-off or two since then, the studio’s creative head Tim Jones says that fan feedback and the previous game’s downloadable content roll out have informed what has been improved, added and removed in Sniper Elite III.


Writing on the PlayStation Blog ahead of the game’s launch tomorrow, Rogers says that expansive environments have “become the core of Sniper Elite 3,” with a focus on refining stealth gameplay while allowing players to tackle objectives and “go loud” as you see fit.

Of course, Rogers is incredibly proud of the series’ signature kill-cam, which he says is “more detailed than ever, with additional muscle layer and circulatory system, showing the brutal damage a single bullet can inflict.” An all-new slow motion camera for taking down vehicles has been added, too, to better showcase the results of a well-placed bullet in an engine block or petrol tank.

Sniper Elite III will also include co-operative modes this time around with ‘Overwatch’ and ‘Survival’ modes, as well as the chance to play through the entire singleplayer campaign with your friends, while the twelve-player ‘Adversarial Multiplayer’ online mode rounds out the package nicely.

With this knowledge firmly in your brain, you’re just about ready to play Sniper Elite III, but it wouldn’t hurt watching the launch trailer below to celebrate the game’s release:

Sniper Elite 3 Launch Trailer

Will you be playing Sniper Elite III tomorrow and next week?

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