Latest Dragon Ball Xenoverse screenshots reveal a mystery fighter who may rewrite history

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Bandai Namco went and announced Dragon Ball Xenoverse last week along with a confirmation that the latest high-speed fighter will be making its way to the West, across Xbox and PlayStation platforms later this year.

What Bandai Namco didn’t tell us (but was perfectly happy teasing us with) was the identity of a mystery “unknown fighter” who will be taking to the battlefield in Xenoverse…


… and even a week later, we still don’t have answers, only questions such as:

“Who is this mysterious stranger wearing the scouter? What is the story behind this new character and why is he talking to Trunks? What is the purpose behind this mysterious room?”

Thanks NB. Thanks for nothing.

We’re told that “many more secrets will be unveiled over the coming weeks and months,” but in the meantime we can get a few good full looks at the new character who seems to be appearing in classic scenes from Dragon Ball Z:

Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Screenshots

What’s going on in these screenshots?

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