Final Fantasy VIII PC updated with new game boosters

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If you’re keen to pick up Final Fantasy VIII for PC but are put off by the thought of an endless procession of random battles then you may be interested to know that the latest patch for the game makes combat (and therefore progression) a whole lot quicker and easier.

The update is now available to download via Steam and adds additional game boosters such as a high speed mode to fast-forward through scenes and battles, and an option to keep the ATB, HP and Limit Break gauges full at all times.

Here’s the full list of game boosters introduced by the new patch:

High Speed Mode

• All scenes (including cutscenes, movies and battles, etc.) can be fast-forwarded. (Fast-forward speeds vary by cutscene, but average about five times normal speed.)

*CAUTION, certain computers may not be able to process the game with High Speed Mode. If the game crashes while in High Speed Mode, please restart the game and refrain from using High Speed Mode.

Battle Assistance

• Grants the following advantages in battle:

• ATB gauge always full
• HP always full
• Limit Break always available

*Characters die instantly when suffering damage that exceeds their HP


• Normal attacks, certain Limit Breaks, and certain G.F. attacks deal 9,999 damage.


• Sets level and AP of all acquired G.F. to max when used on the world map.

*May not function properly when used during event cutscenes.

*These commands can only be executed via keyboard.

Magic and Gil MAX

• Sets inventory of each acquired magic spell to 100 and sets gil to maximum limit

*Cannot be used on menu screens, during cutscenes, in combat or at shop. Usable when moving between areas while playing Laguna´s Dream.

*These commands can only be executed via keyboard.

Will you be making use of any of these new game boosters? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Square Enix Blog

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