Would you play a multiplayer Zelda? Director Aonuma hints at the possibility

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Would you play a multiplayer Zelda game? And no, we’re not talking about The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures!

During Nintendo’s E3 2014 video stream event, The Legend of Zelda series steward Eiji Aonuma appeared for a few minutes to discuss plans for the next Zelda game, due out on Wii U in 2015. Once Aonuma was done yabbering, we were treated to an astounding look at Zelda 2015, confirmed to be in-game and fully representative of what we’ll be playing next year.


Are you a fan of the new-looking Link?

Speaking to Game Informer, Eiji Aonuma hinted that next year’s Zelda will be “more than just a single-player experience,” discussing 2014’s Hyrule Warriors and how the game might inform Zelda 2015’s direction:

“The two-player functionality of Hyrule Warriors is actually something that has traditionally been done in the Dynasty Warriors series, but they’ve changed because of the hardware and the second screen on your GamePad. Instead of having a splitscreen on the television, you have one-player playing on the television and one on the GamePad.

“When I was talking back about making Zelda more than just a single-player experience? That’s something you will see in the future, maybe next year.”

Adding more players to the Zelda experience isn’t the only thing Aonuma has been discussing recently in relation to Hyrule Warriors, suggesting that adding playable female characters might be on the cards if Tecmo Koei’s large scale action game is well received.

Would you play a multiplayer Zelda game? Wouldn’t it be amazing to run around the open world with a few buddies, each with your own items to work through the dungeons co-op style?

Hmm… that does sound amazing, and it’s about time the Zelda series started including multiplayer elements to bring the franchise into the modern era.

Do you agree?

Source: Game Informer

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