New Resogun patch now available, ship editor and local co-op added

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If you haven’t played Housemarque’s PS4 launch title Resogun for a while then the studio is giving you a great reason to return to it with the game’s latest title update. The new patch weighs in at 568MB and includes commonly requested features such as a ship editor and support for local co-op, as well as a few exploit fixes and new Trophies to reward players for taking advantage of the update’s new features.

Housemarque has also wiped Resogun’s leaderboards in order to weed out scores achieved by using exploits but there is now a special Hall of Fame leaderboard where all the old scores for the main Hero difficulty are displayed.

Resogun is available exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Head over here for El33tonline’s previous coverage of this majestic shoot ‘em up.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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