Has Microsoft revealed Batman: Arkham Knight’s 2015 release date?

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It was all terribly disappointing when Warner Bros. Interactive and developer Rocksteady announced that Batman: Arkham Knight has been moved from a 2014 release into 2015, but the publisher / developer pair tried their very best to help us forget with a new batch of screenshots, and a jaw-dropping gameplay video straight out of E3 2014.

But the question over exactly when we’ll be seeing the game on store shelves lingers, and thanks to Microsoft, we may have got an answer.

Appearing as a listing on the official Microsoft Store website, Batman: Arkham Knight’s 2015 release date may have been unwittingly revealed to be February 24th, 2015 – a Tuesday and traditional launch day in the US:


At the time of writing, the page still includes the release date but we’ve included it above for posterity in case it gets pulled.


It looks like Microsoft has noticed the error and updated the retail listing, changing the expected release date to “Not announced” which neither confirms nor denies the February 24th date. Hopefully the other shoe drops and we can get a confirmation soon.

As John notes in the comments below, PlayStation 4 owners will be getting The Order: 1886 on February 20th, which would already make the end of the month packed with anticipated games.

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