El33t’s Question of the Day: One year later, has the Xbox One DRM reversal had an impact?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

Almost to the day, it’s been a year since Microsoft announced that decisions regarding controversial policies surrounding the Xbox One (like the ‘always-on’ clause and DRM restrictions) had been reversed.

Before the announcement an El33tonline Question of the Day asked your opinions on whether or not you would feel the same way about the PlayStation 4 if it had included the same restrictions, with interesting results.

With this in mind, the latest Question of the Day is asked and inspired by Mathew Clarke:

“How have your perspectives changed on the Xbox One DRM policies one year later?”

Would we think about the Xbox One the same way had we seen the console released with the previous restrictions in place? How would we feel about the PlayStation 4 if Sony had also taken this approach to its console?

Do you feel the original Xbox One polices were a good idea, just poorly explained by Microsoft?

Thanks for the suggestion Mat!

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