El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Old Man Winter and the Magnificent Freeze

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Old Man Winter has slipped his icy tendrils ’round South Africa and has begun to squeeze the warmth out of us day by day, and before long the balmy climes of our country will be but a distant memory…

… but before long we’ll be back to Summer later in the year, so be sure to wrap up warm this weekend and even stay indoors if that’s where your best chances of surviving the cold may lie. Besides, that’s where you’re most likely to find your videogame collections, which will further help to thaw your hands and mind.

The Great Outdoors? Bah, who needs it.

What else might you be able to do this weekend? Members of El33tonline have a few suggestions, but be sure to let us know what you’ve got planned after reading the latest Pre-W33kend Post below…

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“The sun is shining and the weather is fine so it’s time to cast off the jacket and tie and wade out into the ocean in celebration of the weekend’s arrival. That’s what I’d like to do anyhow, but I’ve got some other activities lined up over the break including visiting my grandma in Maritzburg and watching the Springboks take on Wales for the second week in a row.

Games-wise, I hope to play a bit more Gyakuten Kenji 2 (i.e. Ace Attorney Investigations 2) which recently received a fan translation (yay!) as well as Strider which I think I’m quite close to completing.

Have a great weekend p33ps!”



“Another weekend! It came so fast, but that’s because of the short week. Gosh, I’m a smartie.

I’m counting down the days before I head back to Cape Town for more training (one week to go). Hitting some fancy coding winter school in UCT – it will be interesting to dust the cobwebs off my coding knowledge and see how far I can get. When I return I’m scheduled for knee surgery (scary) and then three weeks of sitting around at home being an added burden to my wife.

Right now I’m having a great time playing with my new machine at work – a 1000-core 2.6Ghz HPC with 150TB+ of storage. Can’t wait to run FTL on it!

Otherwise, it’s quality time with family to make up for my absence next week, and also maybe a bit of time on co-op with whomever is available, if I find the time. Quite enjoying Toy Soldiers: Cold War right now..”

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“I’ve just had a delivery of EA Sports UFC to take a look at, so at least a portion of my weekend will be dedicated to checking that out and seeing if the game has indeed been worthy of three E3 press conference appearances. Other than screenshots and trailers, I’ve kept myself in the dark on this one so I’m intrigued to finally go hands-on with it.

I’m also keeping a keen eye on the Steam and sales to see if anything jumps out at me. I’ve picked up a few collections on GoG, and despite temptations on Steam I’ve managed to keep my fist clenched on my cash so far – I already have more games than I know what to do with thanks to PS Plus, and with a Wii U delivery on the way I’m going to need to carve out some serious time for games soon.

Time with friends and family is also on the cards to round out the weekend, all of which I’m really looking forward to. It’s been another weird week, at least without E3 to contend with.”



“It is w33kend time again and what a busy w33k this has been. But before I continue, did you know that in 95 Days the awesomeness will arrive. I really can’t wait.

On the gaming front, I will be giving Battlefield 4 another try or play some Aliens Colonial marines. Then after that I will play some Battlefield Hardline Beta. Really enjoying myself, even with me sucking on the PC.

Saturday I will be taking my wife and kiddies to the ECR House & Garden Show and then after that I will play some more games. Will see how the dice rolls on what I will be playing. Sunday will be relaxed with some games, family, F1 and maybe a movie. Really looking forward to this w33kend. Going to be a good one.

So keep safe and see you all online.”



“It’s more Mario Kart 8 action for me this weekend, along with fun times with friends and family. Looking ahead the next two days are supposed to be warm sunshine, perfect to enjoy some relaxing and possibly even some pancakes.

Enjoy the weekend p33ps!”


What do you have planned in the way of games and such, everybody?