Good Night, and Good Luck: 2014’s Steam Summer Sale has begun

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Say goodbye to your wallets, everybody, because this year’s Steam Summer Sale has just begun.

If you make your way over to the Steam site right now, you’ll see the first selection of offerings in the Steam Summer Sale where you’ll be able to save some cash with Daily Deals on games like Day Z, Far Cry 3 and Don’t Starve, as well as Flash Sales for DMC Devil May Cry, Mirror’s Edge and Hotline Miami:


Steam is also running the ‘Summer Adventure‘ this year, where you’ll be able to “Craft badges to earn in-game items, community and team rewards, and win free games!”


Good night, and good luck fellow PC gamers.

Be sure to let us know which games you pick up throughout the Steam Summer Sale, and which games you would most recommend others play.

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