Don’t be surprised if Aiden Pierce isn’t the lead in Watch Dogs 2

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After almost two years of anticipation and build-up, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs has come and gone but not without first selling a whopping number of units during its first week on sale, rocketing to the top of May’s software sales in the US and continuing to throttle the UK sales charts.

With this kind of success – and impressive pre-order numbers ahead of launch indicating Ubisoft could expect this success – the approval of a Watch Dogs sequel was a foregone conclusion.

But what would fans of the game even want from Watch Dogs 2?


One of the primary criticisms aimed at Watch Dogs concerned the main character, Aiden Pierce, who came off as something of a bland and stereotypical male lead. According to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, the publisher has heard the criticisms and is taking player feedback on board for Watch Dogs 2 and other games in the future.

Speaking to CVG, and responding to the assertion that Aiden Pierce fits the bill of a stereotypical “angry white man” videogame character, Guillemot said:

“We knew it would be polarising; some people loved the characters and some didn’t. It was difficult to please everybody with that character. Now, having seen the reaction, we know what we will do next to improve that.”

“We are working on that. We want to spend more time on the worlds and characters in our games… you will see more and more of this at Ubisoft. We’ll try to be less like we have been in the past with some characters. We’ll try to extend more diversity.”

Whether or not Aiden will remain the lead character in Watch Dogs 2 is also up for debate, and Guillemot “can’t say” because he simply doesn’t know at this point. When pressed further about his involvement in major and minor decisions related Ubisoft’s games, Guillemot said:

“I was sending an e-mail today to the head of creative about a book I read… I give my advice, but after that they come to us with proposals. Sometimes we say no, or I say I’m not happy with something, but very often the teams follow the head of production. I have influence, like other members of the group, but more in the big decisions like engines and characters rather than the details.”

Interesting to hear even the CEO doesn’t have the absolute final say, leaving it to those in the trenches to hit upon the best solution.

What did you think of Aiden Pierce as the lead character in Watch Dogs? What improvements would you like to see go into Watch Dogs 2?

Be sure to read CVG’s full Yves Guillemot interview over here, because it’s rather excellent and covers a wide range of topics that the Ubisoft CEO doesn’t shy away from discussing.

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