What is this Team Fortress countdown clock ticking towards? [Update]

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Turns out the Team Fortress countdown clock was ticking down towards the reveal of co-operative player expressions you’ll be able to perform while playing Team Fortress 2.

Also: A pretty excellent animation short featuring your favourite Team Fortress 2 characters:

Team Fortress 2 – Expiration Date Short film

[End of Update]

Appropriately named ‘Suspense,’ a new page has popped up on the official Team Fortress website containing a countdown clock ticking down to… something.

What secrets does this Team Fortress countdown clock hide?


Judging by the logo at the top of the page, it seems as though the clock is ticking down towards something related to Team Fortress 2, specifically, and now that the game has become well entrenched as a free-to-play online game, what else does Valve and the team have cooking for its fanbase?

A new Team Fortress? A massive downloadable content pack? A move to consoles (no, the Orange Box doesn’t count)?

What do you think the Team Fortress countdown clock is ticking towards? Let us know your best guesses, and we’ll find out at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT / 2am SAST.

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