Murasaki Baby’s release date narrowed down to September

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Italian developer Ovosonico has revealed that its upcoming PS Vita exclusive Murasaki Baby will be released during September on the PlayStation Store. The game was recently awarded “Best Indie Game of E3 2014” by several media outlets including Polygon,, Hardcore Gamer, Wired UK, IGN Italy and Dvlzgame.

Murasaki Baby was originally unveiled during Sony’s gamescom press conference last year where it attracted plenty of attention due to its unique visuals and premise. The game tasks players with guiding a small girl through nightmarish landscapes on a quest to find her mother. Murasaki Baby is being directed by Massimo Guarini who previously worked on a handful of notable titles including Killer7, No More Heroes, and Shadows of the Damned.

We’ll bring you more Murasaki Baby updates as they’re issued, including the game’s exact date of release once it’s announced.

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