El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: The long weekend after the E3 before

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This weekend is special for a number of reasons, the first and most obvious of which is it’s the first weekend after E3 giving everybody a chance for the week’s announcements to sink in, and even catch up on any news they might have missed.

It’s also Father’s Day on Sunday, giving us a chance to appreciate all of the Dads out there after the Moms had their special day a few weeks ago (although that shouldn’t stop you from cherishing these exceptional members of society all year ’round).

Lastly, in South Africa at least, it’s Youth Day and a public holiday on Monday, making for another long weekend in the country.

How will we be making use of our time this weekend? What about you? Let’s find out together with the latest Pre-W33kend Post below…

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“This long weekend I’ll be gathering all my winter warmies under one roof (i.e. suitcase) and setting off for the berg. It would be nice if we got some snow but I’m not banking on it. I’m hoping I can find a warm pub or hotel to watch the rugby at tomorrow evening when the Springboks take on Wales in their first international game of the year.

I’m busy downloading the Destiny alpha but it looks like I might not get to play it since I think it’s only running over the weekend. Oh well – there’s always the beta to look forward to!

Have a good one p33ps and see you on the other side of the long weekend!”



“Can you believe that it is Friday the 13th today, yes the whole day. Well today calls for some horror games or movies. So might start the w33kend off with some Dead Space 3 co-op this evening or some more Aliens Colonial marines or something with clowns.

Tomorrow morning I am going to a farm in PMB for the day, get some fresh air into our lungs and get “lekker” cold. If it is going to be cold that is. So I will mostly play mobile games on my phone if I get some time to play.

Sunday is fathers day, so will just relax and have some fun. Will most likely be allowed to play as many games as I can, plus my dad is coming back from Russia Sunday, so will also have a visit with him.

Monday is also part of the w33kend so I will be making pancakes at a Volley ball event and then spend some more time with my kiddies.

Have an awesome w33kend everyone and stay safe.”

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“Today is Friday the 13th. An ominous day for most but for my wife, a very special birthday! I’ve taken the day off to shower her with oodles of QT and some pressies.

As many of the Twittersphere will know I’ve been having trouble with a couple of Kalahari birthday orders but in the end – after hours on the phone with their support team – Kalahari has delivered, both figuratively and literally, and restored both my faith and my loyalty to them. They even achieved an unprecedented double birthday whammy, sending both my wife and I free gifts on our birthdays as acts of apology for messing us around! Hooray Kalahari!

Saturday I forego double tickets to the rugby to attend a bachelors in Midmar where we’ll be watching the rugby on TV.

Sunday is Father’s Day (that’s for me!) and in the evening I’m serving tea and coffee at church.

Thankfully the weekend won’t end there – Monday will be a Dead Island co-op session with my buddies Olt, Russell and Brent and the we’ll cap it off with a low-key birthday braai for Kat with some friends.

It’s a crazy busy weekend but I’m excited about the Boks winning by 17 AND I’M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THE DEAD ISLAND CO-OP!

Oh, on Tuesday I may have to go in for knee surgery so I’m really hoping to enjoy my weekend like it’s the last I ever have! You enjoy it too, hear?”



“I quite honestly have no idea what I’ll be playing this weekend, because I’ve got so many games to start, catch up on, experiment with and peek at that it’s overwhelming to think about. What’s crazier to think about is that they’re all at least six months old and I’m still looking forward to finally taking them for a spin.

Other than that, there’ll be some family and friends time, and healthy doses of dozing and relaxing now that E3 week is done and dusted.

You have every chance of survive, but I still advise you to make your time, everybody. See you ’round!”

What plans have you got lined up for the weekend, p33ps?